Unboxing my Grove Order

100_06782049872346.jpgHappy Monday everyone! For today’s post I wanted to do a unboxing review type post of my Grove order. If you don’t know what Grove is I just want to specify I am not sponsored by then hypothesis my own money I wish I was fun to buy them but they are a website where you can buy natural or better cleaning products. Stuff like method Seventh Generation and stuff like that. They’ve really good pricing plus you get a free gift if you reach a certain amount of money. So overall the one of my favorite websites to get cleaning supplies from. So let’s start the unboxing.

100_06741163916873.jpgTwist up my always go to for my method order will be mrs. Meyers dish soap and hand soap. One of my favorite products for those and this time I got the Bluebell scent never heard of this one before and it smells really good it smells like clean linen candles and stuff like that. But like I said with all my orders I added one of each because I go through a lot of dish soap and hand soap from the bathroom and in my kitchen area.

100_0673848648459.jpgThe next thing I got i is another always in my order. And that is the Seventh Generation dishwasher packs. This dishwashing soap is one of my favorites. They clean out for the weather not that bad of a price they smell really good and I clean up the dishes and don’t leave any marks. They’re super expensive in my actual store so when I saw the that they are on Grove for much cheaper I was so excited.

100_0670-11066199709.jpgSo the next item is so they wanted to try and sit Aunt Fannie’s roach remedy got a lot of good things about this and we have a little problem with bugs by your front door to the office to get open people come in and out all the time and I hate normal bug spray. the smell makes me sick, it leaves like a goopy residue on my walls, I just have broccoli hate it so a lot of people recommended this two-minute ended up getting it I will say it has a really strong Clover smell. It goes we really quickly but it is very strong. I do love that’s it is a spray bottle and on aerosol can. It seems to work really well from what I’ve been using.

100_0671-11554824511.jpgnext step I ended up getting happy 7th generation stain remover. I’m a huge fan of shout. Super cheap giant bottle at Walmart really good. But I forgot it at the store so end up getting This one on Grove it sometimes it is like a healthy hair kind of natural one I guess. I don’t know if it works out I will do a review on it if you guys want it on my Instagram. But it’s a decent size bottle for their price I’m Not going to say I hated because I don’t. Its stain remover if it does that then I’m fine with it.


I hope you guys enjoyed this Grove and boxing. let me know in the comments down below if I should do more of these, and have you heard of Grove before. Like I said before I’m not sponsored. This is my own money wish I was sponsored by just saying. I just really love their Brandon. Been getting them for a while and I’m just now decided to do a post on it. As always guys I love you so much, thank you for everything you do, and I’ll see you in the next post

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