Go getters guide to spring cleaning!

Spring is here and that means beautiful flowers blooming everywhere, allergies acting up, and of course the big clean! Spring cleaning usually takes a few days to a week but for me its a whole month! So today I’m going to help guide you with some tips on surviving spring cleaning!!


Rule #1- No one is allowed in the house till it’s all done!
As someone who is always cleaning up after everybody. I hate when I’m doing a big speed cleaning and everybody just keeps coming in and messing everything up. So I make sure everyone is out if the house so that way it’s just me and a mess to clean. And if you can’t get everyone out of the house, try to section off before they can and cannot go. That will not help you.clean-my-house-i-clean-my-house-while-listening-to-music-i-hate-cleaning-but-nothing-clean-your-house-meme

Rule #2- Make a plan!
I get overwhelmed really easily, so i need to have a plan on what im doing before i start. I break everything down room by room so that way I know what exactly I’m doing. I want be to get done. I plan out exactly what needs to get up each room and how I want it done.
Rule #3- Make it fun!


Who said cleaning had to be boring! Play some music and have a dance party!!! Or put some Netflix on and watch while you clean! I love doing this because if I start to feel overwhelmed I will take a five-minute break and either listen to music or watch TV. Post helps make time go by faster. WARNING THIS MAY CAUSE CLEANING TO TAKE LONGER, PROCEED WITH CARE!
Rule #4 treat yourself


Spring cleaning can’t be tough. So when it’s done treat yourself to something nice. Will there be a nice dinner that you didn’t have to cook or a bag you always wanted or candy whatever it maybe you deserve it so treat yourself.download

Rule #5- You got this!
At the end of the day whether you get done a lot or a little you still clean. Don’t be too hard on yourself and take it easy. It will all get that when it gets done don’t put so much pressure on yourself to get it all done right away. This is about getting rid of stuff you don’t need and declutter your life so make it stress-free as possible.

I hope you guys enjoyed this go-getters guide to spring cleaning!!! I love doing this because they are fun and silly! In the comments down below let me know if you did any spring cleaning! As always guys thank you for everything and I’ll see you in the next post!!!

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