Storytime – Neighbors From Hell

I have lived in this apartment with my dad and little sister for almost 3 years now. We’ve had problems with getting into this apartment and some of the staff here that has gotten better. But there’s one problem that is still remaining. And that’s the neighbors upstairs and across from me.

downloadThis problem has only gotten worse recently. I don’t really know what it is but it’s just gotten so bad. So above us, there is a family that has three kids. And our Apartments has three floors. The first floor (which I am on) has carpet in the bedrooms. On the second and third floor there is tile in every room. So noises are going to happen. Kids are clumsy they may drop something and it echoes throughout the apartment. I’ve expected that. But this is a whole new level of noise. It’s like someone is just getting a hammer and just beating up the floor. And it doesn’t last for a few minutes It will go on for hours. It’s gotten to the point that we’ve called security multiple times in the past month we called them is 6 times to come check it out. And every time they’ve come to check it out there was always excuses. The last time we call, it was midnight. It was a really loud is continuing for a few hours wasn’t stopping so we ended up calling to see security to see if they can do anything about it. Security went up there and talk to the parents about it and they said they were building Furniture. Bullshit. If you guys don’t know my dog has what the vet calls PTSD from when she was abused because I got her from a Humane Society. So loud noises are like a trigger for her I guess and so sometimes she will have one of her panic attacks because of the noise. And so that’s hard on my dog. And it sounds like I’m being petty and I’m just complaining of some noise but y’all don’t understand how bad it is. I’ve even gone up some in the office to talk to him about it And when they go to talk to the parents, the parents just say kids are being kids. And I hate that so much.

452015120762Another problem we have had and I talked about so far on Instagram and Twitter a lot is there a kid about Middle School age that will throw rocks at windows and bang on doors and run away and leave trash everywhere. I don’t understand what kind of parent will sit there and say that kids are being kids when you clearly know how bad your kid is being that is a bad parenting job. I understand like maybe once a child accidentally say okay to being kids I’ll talk to them this is completely different.  And that’s just how bad it gets.

Clean-up-your-mess-Love-mother-Earth-580x386And the trash is a huge problem. There is trash outside all the time I see some food I’ll find like empty bags of chips on my car there are even just trash bags just out there full of trash that they haven’t walked over to the trash unit. It is so bad. Here at my apartment we only have one like main maintenance guy And sometimes they have like helpers. And I always feel so bad because that one guy is here at 5 a.m. cleaning up trash and still have to do all of his work. I try to pick some trash when I can but it’s just gotten so out of hand. My next door neighbor actually is probably the only good one in this building. She’s super sweet and we talked on the time about just how bad everything is. And I do not blame the apartment. I do not blame the staff are or anything like that. This is on the children and the parents of the children who will not teach their children respect and manners.

That is it for this rant. I’m sorry lately I have just been feeling so mad lately. I realize I’ve been ranting so much lately. I just have a lot going on and just it’s little things are upsetting me now and I’m trying to get control myself again this weekend. Let me know what comes down below is there anything bothering you this week. as always thank you for everything you do guys, I love you guys so much, and I will see you in the next post!!

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