How Well Do I Know My Dad!

1. When is your dad’s birthday?

His birthday is on July 21st, 1964. A fun fact is my uncle is birthday is July 20th. And my mom’s birthday was February 8th and my aunt’s birthday is February 10th. It’s always cool how they are always close together like then.

BLUE_featured-22. What is your dad’s favorite color?

Growing up he always his favorite color was blue. Fun fact my father is colorblind. So we always play the what color is this game and it’s crazy to see what color is he sees vs. What colors I’m saying.

3. How much education has your dad completed?

my father finished high school. He tried to in college but it wasn’t for him and he’s made a career of driving. He’s drove in big trucks and buses and that’s where I got my amazing driving skills

4. What was your dad’s high school mascot?

his high school mascot is the Bulldogs.

images5. What is your dad’s favorite food?

my dad has a lot of favorite food but I think his go-to is always a nice good cheeseburger. But he also loves every old Cuban. He will let you know the difference between a fake Cuban sandwich and a real Cuban sandwich I bought him some ones that weren’t real and I would not get to him. LOL

6. If your dad received a $1,000 prize, what would he do with it?

given share with my family. My dad has always been a caring person and will give money to people in the end so he would keep some for us but then he would give him away to family members who needed it more.

7. What was your dad’s first job?

first jobs at a furniture store where he unloaded furniture from the warehouse to the actual store please. Was it think so. He’s had a a lot of jobs when he was a teenager. But I remember this (11)

8. What is your dad’s biggest pet peeve {something he dislikes}?

I think his biggest pet peeve would be people assuming they know it’s better for him. At his old job they kept assuming different things for him. That’s how he should change the way he was working as of like that he was a bus driver and It wasn’t true he had a certain way of doing things and that was his way and he didn’t like people speaking to him about how I should change it. That makes sense.simpsons-bobs-burgers-family-guy

9. What is your dad’s favorite TV show?

he is where I get my I’m always going to be a child from. Because he loves SpongeBob and Bob’s Burgers And The Simpsons. Which are some of my favorite shows too. But he loves old movies and old TV shows. The Three Stooges has one of his hers and mine and I remember I bought him When I was 10 a portable DVD player and a collection DVDs of The Three Stooges original so he could bring that to you chemo and watch it.

10. What is your dad’s favorite dessert?images (1)

A New York style cheesecake is always his favorite but my dad has a bigger sweet tooth out of anybody so anything sweet and chocolatey is also a big one for him.

11. Did you ever have a Dalmatian?

I thought this was a really random and weird question but I kept it in only because my dad was a volunteer firefighter for few years in his twenties and they have the dalmatian It’s really bad happened in like movies like it was more of a made-up thing.

12. Name 3 adjectives to describe your dad…

Funny, supportive, hardworking, protecting I can keep going and going! 

stubbornness-300x27413. How are you like your dad?

I like my dad in many ways. I get a stubbornness from him I get his ambition side. I also get his sensitive side from him too. I also get from him that I love way too hard.

14. What is your dad’s favorite drink?

a Dunkin Donuts iced coffee. Soda. I think I would say his favorite drink of all this milk though. He will drink a whole gallon in a week. By himself. since he was a kid and it’s just milk It’s something we can go through a lot of here.

15. If your dad could be a cartoon character, who would he be?images (2)

I feel like you’d be Bob Belcher from Bob’s Burgers. For many reasons. His favorite food is a cheeseburger. He has his wit and humor of bob. And fun fact my mother’s name was Linda and that is the wife’s name of Bob. And I relate way too much to that show.

16. Is your dad a morning or a night person?

100% a night person. I think that’s like a qualification to be part of this family do you have to be a night person. All of us have struggled to go to bed at a decent time.

17. What is your dad good at?

my dad is great at a lot of things. He’s good at listening to my problems and helping me get their stuff. He’s helped me so much in life that I don’t know if I can ever repay him for how amazing of a dad he is. He’s gone through a lot in life but yeah he comes out smiling and thinking of the positives. I don’t know what I would do without him he’s such an amazing father to me.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Let me know in the comments down below what is a fun fact about your father? That’s always good thank you for everything you do, I love you guys so much, and I’ll see you in the next post

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