June Q&A

A new month brings a new Q&A! So let’s just jump right into it! As always guys you can add me on twitter an Instagram (Allyvkat) and that is where I pick some of the questions for all my Q&As!

How did you find out about your dyslexia?

DyslexiaI was in 3rd grade when they started testing me. My teacher at the time fought with the school to make sure I had everything I needed and she even helped my parents to make sure my health insurance would cover all the testing. It took about 3-5 month before all the testing was done. they didn’t really know what they were testing for so they had a lot of tests to do!

What was one of your hardest post to write?

Anything, where I talk about my mom, is really hard. But I will say I have a really easy time writing post about my anxiety but I always have trouble posting it because it scares how people will see me.

What do you do when you have a panic or anxiety attack?download (1)

It all depends. If it’s a small one I just say the ABCs in my head a few times and that will calm me down. But if it’s a big one an I do a few things. I could try to force of writing, I could lay in bed and watch sometimes on my laptop, I could stress eat (trying to work on that), or I could talk to someone. I never have the right answer because every attack is different for me so I never know what will help.

Favorite store to shop at?

I’m a big fan of Tj Maxx and ross. They are always my go to. But I really love torrid but they are really expensive so if I do shop there I am always looking at the clearance. I also love target! I always get my t-shirts from there in the guys’ section!

34527be876f0f704ed0d48775ee8c740How do you push yourself when it comes to your blog?

I will get these random bursts of energy and motivation. And when I get those I take full advantage of it. I will take photos for look books that I haven’t even planned out yet. I will write a post that I don’t have scheduled yet. I just take that energy and turn it into my work. When it comes to writing something that I may be uncomfortable with sharing, I will write it and I try not to think about it too much. If I start thinking about it then I will want to not post it all think it’s bad.

I hope you guys enjoyed this Q&A! Let me know in the comments down below, What are some of your favorite stores!! As always Thank you for everything you do, I love you guys so much, and I’ll see you in the next post!

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