Lets just talk for a minute

So let’s be honest for a second. Today’s post was supposed to be a Grove unboxing but someone stole my package in my mailbox. So Grove is sending me a new one now.(They have been amazing and I love this company!) I was looking through all the post I could write and I’m just I don’t feel like writing any of those right now. A lot has happened in the past week and I kind of just wanted to talk about it with you guys. So let’s get started, shall we?

341610c4e3f7121199d268c5bc643527If you didn’t know my sister is in town from New Mexico. It was a trip that I knew about but it kind of just slipped my mind with everything I had going on. So they came in Tuesday(June 4th) and that night we went over around 9 p.m. to the hotel and we went swimming for a few hours. It was really nice. The next Day I went over to watch my niece Chloe who is 7 and she is beyond sassy and everything I want to be in life lol. We went swimming we played up in the hotel room we had a fun day. The next day my sister dropped off my niece. At my apartment and we hung out here for the whole day. We have a few different playground sets in my apartment complex and every time we would go to one of them it would rain. Which sucks so we went and got some ice cream we build a fort in my laundry_largesister’s room we watch some TV for a little bit. And then that night we are going out to dinner with my grandmother my little sister and everybody because it was my grandmother’s and little sister birthday. The next morning I had stuff to do like grocery shopping a whole bunch of laundry and the stuff that I was able to do for the past few days. Cause I had to take my little sister to a doctor’s appointment so I knew that morning and afternoon I was going to be busy so we planned to do something at night so we went to the pool at the hotel. My sister and her boyfriend went out to dinner while we watched my niece. And we knew it’s a Friday night there’s going to be people out there but there is this group of teenagers who I swear to God I was getting ready to fight them. They kept like talking about us behind our back and they would make noises at us and I would splash I stuff I just can’t stand people like that. Having fun with my niece who of course is going to Splash and play and jump and we do it away from you guys but you keep getting closer so you have a reason to be an ass to us. Other than that the night was really fun.

62306299_382435719084051_8132429843791872000_nNow here comes the fun part guys Saturday night was beyond really fun that I thought in a million years I would never do. I went to an escape room. So I didn’t plan this. I was searching for a good one and we ended up deciding on captive Escape rooms they’re all over the United States the one here in Tampa just opened up about a year ago. I pick the one for 9:30 p.m. so we had time to eat dinner And do whatever we wanted and then go to it. It started to rain cats and dogs here. My anxiety kicks in when I’m driving in the rain so I was freaking out. I was driving on the interstate which made it even more scared but I got us there safe and sound but four minutes late. But they words so nice about it and they understand the rain. And then we got there I was kind of Captivenervous about what’s happening. They reassured me that they weren’t actually going to lock the door and at any point in time if I needed to I can walk out. Ours was a murder mystery scary story. It was in the dark and we had flashlights. It was really fun and we had to solve math problems(which we suck at!) and you went to these different rooms and at the end, We all did really well. I had so much fun and I’m beyond proud of myself for doing it.

download (5)I have such an amazing week with my sister. And I can’t wait for them to actually move down here. But because of all this, I haven’t had time to do much work or anything else. I’ve always put myself into my work and do the stuff that I have to get done and I never have time to do anything I really want to do. But this week really taught me that I really need to focus on myself. It’s okay to go have a fun day and not focus on work for one day. And that is something you really need to do.

I hope you guys enjoy this plan for us let me know in the comments down below did you do anything fun lately? As always, thank you for everything you do, I love you guys so much, and I’ll see you in the next post.

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