My Grove Order

I have wanted to write this post for a few weeks now. But a lot of things made that not happen. First, my package was delivered but then stolen out of my male Locker. Grove was so amazing they sent me another one. (I’m in love with there customer service and everything they do!!) And then my sister was still in town so I was hanging out with them all the time. And then I ended up getting sick for 2 days. So here I am finally getting to write this post. Let’s go ahead and dive into my Grove order.

Mrs. Meyers hand and dish soap.

20190613_174143_hdr1613531865.jpgThis is always something you won’t find in my Grove order. I’m always going through dish and hand soap and I’ve always have Mrs. Meyers. And it’s so cheap on grove that I’ll always buy it on here. This month I ended up getting the Mint one. During the Christmas season, they had the peppermint one which was at my favorite I’m a huge mint fan but for some reason whenever if you would have a peppermint one it’s not always my favorite. Some eager to try the Mint one. The dish up is amazing and I will always recommend Mrs. Meyers or method.

Mrs. Meyers room freshener20190613_174304_burst012557502.jpg

This month’s this was the free thing you would get if you spend 50. I didn’t spend 50 but I wanted to get this anyways to try giving the lavender scent. You only need one spray in your room will smell so good for so long. I didn’t know they had really precious but I’m glad I found them this is only $4.99 which isn’t a bad price at all. And the smell is really good. So if you get yours free that’s great but also spending the $4.99 isn’t bad either.

20190613_174214_hdr197601085.jpgAunt Fannie’s all-purpose pest remedy

Unless group order I talked about how my problem with normal motion bug spray. Deliver resume on my wall I can’t stand the smell. So I ended up getting the other Aunt Fannie’s roach repellent which would sound amazing the smell doesn’t last long and doesn’t leave a residue and it’s all natural. So this I’m excited to get to all-purpose pet remedy cuz I can spiders and ants cuz I live in Florida. Spells the same the formulas the same the ingredients around actual just like the other women. And this one seems to work well. And at $6.99 I feel like you get much more product out of this one and it last much longer.

Aunt Fannie’s vinegar wash floor cleaner20190613_174239_hdr1428046620.jpg

I’ve had a problem with my kitchen area and my living room where their Style. No matter how many times I mop it still feels day and stuff and so my garlic herb recommended to use of vinegar wash to help. And I’ve had success with the Aunt Fannie’s Grande before to myself that even a girl wash concentrator and I decided to try it. I ended up getting the scent mandarins which was actually really good. it’s a pretty big bottles to bite you only need to use a few tablespoons in a concentrator And again for $6.99 it doesn’t seem like a bad price for getting an all natural vinegar cleaner.

20190613_174113_hdr1739275185.jpgShameless pets breaking egg treats

I didn’t know they had a pet section in Grove so I decided to look to see can I have dog treats. Pleaser new and I got the Broken Egg dog treats by Shameless pets. What’s special about these are made with upcycled ingredients. is the great Beast of calcium for our dog’s bones And with every purchase makes an impact every 12 bags saves one pound of food from going to waste. It’s all natural my dog loves them and for $4.99 for a 5-ounce bag not bad at all. But what I will say is they have a $16.99 where you get off four packs that’s a pretty good deal Second that one I wish I would have seen that first

I hope you guys enjoyed this post let me know what is down below do you guys have any cleaning tips. As always thank you for everything you do, I love you so much, and I’ll see you in the next post.

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