Having anxiety Vs. Having an Anxiety disorder.

downloadI’m pretty sure everybody has some sort of anxiety nowadays. There’s a huge difference between just having anxiety and an anxiety disorder. A few weeks ago I took my little sister to a doctor’s appointment and I was talking with her doctor about how anxiety runs in my family. And she brought up a really good point. Today it’s so easy for someone to have more panic attacks and having anxiety because we see all the bad in the world happening in front of our eyes. Back then if something had happened it took a while for word to get around today we get news alerts sent straight to our phones in minutes. Which causes more anxiety in the world.

But an anxiety disorder is something different and something more than just having a panic attack. PanicAttack2There’s a lot of symptoms that can affect you and I would like to talk about some of them. I’m always saying I’m sick or not feeling good which is true but when people hear that they just think of like a cold or flu but it’s not that. For me, it’s feeling dizzy all the time feeling nauseous super weak both mentally and physically. There are also headaches stomach pains which are the worst for me and chest pains. Now those are just some of my symptoms and I know some people have different ones but because of that and makes it day-to-day things much harder. Anxiety disorders suck and there’s not really anything you can do about the sickness part of it but you can help to make the anxiety part of it feel better. Celebrate every little thing you did today. Even in just means, you got out of bed. And it’s okay if you’re not feeling well one day and you just want to stay in bed we all have days like that. Take a mental health day and if it takes longer than a day than it’s okay. I think it’s important to have breaks like that and take a mental health day even when you don’t have any serious anxiety disorder problems. Because life is hard no matter what did you’re going to face challenges every day and sometimes you just need a day to relax and breathe in organize your thoughts.

4ccbae6ce8345e9e30800dcde512d8ffI hope you guys enjoyed this post. I saw a tweet talking about the different symptoms of an anxiety disorder and it just got me thinking that I suffer from all of that and I don’t think people realize the real difference between just having anxiety and having an anxiety disorder. Let me know in the comments down below what is the thing you do on a mental health day? As always guys I love you guys so much, thank you for everything you do, and I’ll see you in the next post.

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