Julys Grove Unboxing

It’s my favorite time of the month where I buy a lot of cleaning supplies that I don’t need. For this Grove unboxing, I have a lot to go through so I decided to break it up by brands. So let’s get started. As always I am not sponsored I’m not paid to say that I bought this with my own money and this is my true opinion on things.

Mrs. Meyers products

20190708_141711_film2779105357.jpgFirst of is the two things that will always be in an order a my which is hand soap and dish soap. I have been loving both of them their work amazing in this sense is the best. For this month they ended up giving the hand soap and mint because it’s one of my favorites and for the dish soap I ended up getting this lemon verbena and I love it as dish soap. It kind of smells like green tea like but it’s really good. And then I ended up getting any more multi-surface spray cleaner. I don’t hate Mrs. Meyers but I prefer method from all-purpose cleaners but I wanted to try the mint in this one cuz I tried the mint and everything else and I will say I love the scent for a multi-purpose spray. Hated it for a dish soap was okay with the hand soap before this spray it was really good. And last for Mrs. Meyers and it again the room Refresher I got the three in my last box because I spent so much money in the stomach and dip repurchasing it because I just love it and I got in lavender again.

Seventh Generation

I’m still very unfamiliar with the Seventh Generation brand but the one thing I always 20190708_142007_film2159009314.jpggot from them was the stain remover. I love it works way too well it doesn’t leave some residue you like some do and I will always have it to keep stock of. And then I ended up getting the auto dish packs in the free and clean I do not use my dishwasher anymore because it just doesn’t work for me so I’m going to actually give these to my grandmother she used to just watch all the time and they’re just going to sit in my cabinet so I was going to give them to her. But I love them I’d rather dishwasher PacSun at the used I always go back to the Seventh Generation cuz it doesn’t leave a residue it makes it cleaner for glass stove works really well. And then I ended up getting the multi-surface wipes my sister is in love with the lemongrass scent so I ended up getting her one of those. Now my favorite I do before Clorox you know I know it’s not a natural brand it just works for me price wise and everything but I ended up just trying to get these just like a one-time deal for me.


20190708_142229_film21870291922.jpgI think you guys need to be proud of me because I did not buy a shit ton of method multi-purpose this time. I have a lot in my pantry so I didn’t get any of the only things I did get one of the things I needed to stock up on. I got the toilet cleaner in the spearmint my favorite I will buy it all the time it is my favorite. And then I was getting low on the anti-bacterial bathroom cleaner and the spearmint also one of my favorites for the shower.

Auntie Fannie’s

I have been in love with the Auntie Fannie’s roach remedy in the all pest remedy. One of20190708_142320_film2256604291.jpg the things I like to keep stocked up. If you guys don’t know I hate like really hate the raid roach bug spray. The smell makes me really sick and it left stains on my walls I just hate it all around. So one of you guys actually suggested this and I saw it was on Grove I got it a while ago and it’s become one of my favorites it does have a ginger smell but it goes away fast and it works really well. And I feel like you get more product from this and it’s cheaper cause it’s not an aerosol can so that’s great. I also ended up getting the vinegar wash floor cleaner. I love this. I use this on everything! I scrub the floors with it I use it on the baseboards everything and I love it. It works well and makes a place well clean and it’s amazing.

Random stuff

20190708_142127_film21562255489.jpgSo I decided to put a random category in and the first thing is to break an egg dog treats. My dog loves them. They are healthy they’re used from a like recycled food. I meant to get the 3 bags for $16.99 it was all 3 bags for a cheaper price and I forgot to change it out so I just got the one but it was still good my dog loves him so much. And the other thing was because I spent so much I got the free product for this month and it was the Walnut sponges. The sponges work well I don’t know if I would ever liked to buy they are just kind of expensive for sponges but they work fine.

And that is it for this very very long grove unboxing. There’s a lot of stuff that I am started for a while so we don’t know when the next one will be. But let me know the comes down below do you have any favorite cleaning products that you have? It’s always guys thank you for everything you do, I love you guys so much, and I’ll see you in the next post.

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