I’m taking a break

I know I just came back from a break. But I thought I was ready to come back to work. But my anxiety is still so bad. I never want to put out a post just to put one out I wanted to be a something I’m proud of. Something that I would love to read. So I never want to rush into a post. And lately it’s been so hard to sit down and just work. I start to work and I feel great and then my anxiety kicks im. I’m taking the rest of August off to regroup and rethink everything. This month is really tough in general because on the 10th will Mark a year since my grandmother and is so very tough on all of us. So I just need to breathe plan out all next month and get my anxiety in order. But I promise I will be back. I just need more time. I love you guys and thank you for everything I really mean it. I will still be active on Instagram and Twitter so it’s not like I’m going away completely.

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