High school Storytime

High school was certainly a weird one for me. I went to the high school. My mother was the first class to graduate from. Which is a fun fact that I liked. Me and my sister are 18 months apart. So we were two grades apart. So I was always known ask her. People is a thought I was her, her twin, or her sister. And that was kind of difficult. I grew up under my sister’s Shadow for so long and she is beyond smart and once in all these advanced classes and did all these clubs and I was not that. So that was difficult. I did though turn an amazing club that was my favorite and only club. That was FFA. Or Future Farmers of America. It was amazing. Do you know me cows my favorite animal so I got to be with the cows for an hour everyday. And then we’re pigs. I helped birth the cow and it was one of my favorite classes. I also know you lot of plants and ground knowledge so if you ever need me for a trivia I got you. I was bullied. By this asshole who thought he was better than everyone else. And I didn’t let it get to me. But it was happening during a time that my mother first got sick. So is already dealing with a lot and having this guy just like poke at me stick it to me a little. But I would always talk to my teacher. I let her know what was going on and she helped a lot. After two and a half years in high school and I ended up dropping out. Taking care of my mom became too much for me and I couldn’t focus on school and her so I ended up doing virtual school for a while but I still didn’t even have time for that. And I ended up just deciding that it’s better to just get my GED for my mother’s sake. I don’t think anyone realize how much I gave up to take care of my mother who didn’t appreciate me taking care of her. But that’s a story for another time. My decision to get my GED was a tough one but I don’t regret it. I ended up finishing high school early by a year I don’t think any less of me because I have my GED. I know that word kind of has a reputation. But like I said I don’t regret getting my GED on all.

I hope you guys enjoyed it view the last of the back-to-school experienced week. I know that’s why I didn’t go into a lot of details but it’s still like a fresh wound to talk about my mother and High School so maybe one day I’ll do like an in-depth Anand pan let me know in the comments down below are you in high school now and what it was a high school moment for you. I’ve always guys I love you guys so much, thank you for everything you do, and I’ll see you in the next post.

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