October Q&A

Since a lot has changed on the blog I decided it was best to do a Q&A. Every month I do a Q&A with questions you guys ask. I get two questions from the comments on my blog, Instagram, and Twitter. At any time you can come in on anything and I will always save it to when I do a Q&A. So let’s go ahead and get started.

Question 1

4bdc2b4c993b57ff207c29c0a5ba3401The biggest tip we’re dealing with someone toxic.

I would say if you can cut them out of your life. I know that’s really hard but that’s always the best thing. if you can’t cut them out completely, try to limit your time with them.

Question 2

How is it having your sister in Florida?fb_img_15694004079541509080133.jpg

Amazing. It’s only been 3 weeks it has this weird feeling to it. Like at any moment they’re going to get on a plane and leave. I can’t wait for the holidays. And going to my niece’s gymnastic practices in Girl Scouts. It’s I’ll just amazing and excited.

Question 3

download (1)How do you handle not being able to sleep?

I felt like this question was fitting because it is 5:30 a.m. I can’t sleep. I’m having anxiety pains and just dress so I decided to get the stuff they needed to and sleep later. I really don’t have much advice about it, because I still deal with having much advice for it, because I still deal with it have much advice for it, because I still deal with it. But I can say is don’t stress over it. That can only make it worse.

Question 4

How’s the red hair?71d74624f65b496d36fd1782e1ecd45b

Annoying, I love the way I look and red hair but red hair is hard to maintain. It fades quickly and my roots show a lot. I love the red hair and I’m keeping it for a while but it sure is it easy to keep.


I hope you guys enjoyed this post let me know in the comments down below what are questions you have for the next Q&A?

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