Grove unboxing

Another month means another Grove order. This one may be small unboxing but I have exciting new products that I’m excited to try. So let’s get into it.

61hp1DxsliL._SL1300_So let’s start with the basics. The first thing that I have is a method antibacterial toilet cleaner. I always make sure I have at least one of these am I order to have in stock. This is my favorite color by cleaner I love the smell it does amazing and it’s a more natural option


Next step I always have dish soap and hand soap from this is my next. I think41M5o72nCXL._SY355_ it was 2 years ago or maybe even just last year I got their pumpkin sense and I hated it. It was not my favorite at all. So this year I decided to try their Acorn spice scent. And I really love it. It’s kind smells like a hazelnut. Sound excited to have to sound excited to have that out

 I got the Seventh Generation disinfecting wipes. I like to have these on hand my sister loves his brand especially the Lemon Grass scent. So occasionally I will have one of these for her. So I ended up picking one up for her this month

download (2)Next step I ended up getting a method all purpose cleaner. I like to get these because I go to he’s a lot so I wanted to have one on hand. This month I got the lemon and sea salt sent. To me it smells like a lemon table cleaner a lemon table cleaner at the mr. Clean. But for me method is always a good choice

Next I got famous is Meyer’s clean day room freshener. I61opDn9UrHL._SY355_ have fallen in love with these when I got it 2 months ago. I’ve always gotten the lavender scent, but this month I decided to get compassion flower. To me it sounds to me it smells like a perfume and I really like it.

lemongrass-all-purpose-cleaner-lemongrass-air-fabric-refresh-counter-culture-clean_1000x.pngNext step I add these to my cart because they really caught my eye, and I wanted to know about it. It’s from counterculture. And it’s a probiotic cleaning tonic brand. I’m going full and that review on these to stay tuned but I got the air freshener, in the All Purpose Cleaner. And they’re known for not killing 99.9% have dreams because their probiotic and it’s like super fancy and healthy. I really like the bottles in the packaging so I can’t wait to try them.

And that is it for my Grove unboxing. Like I said I will do a full review on The Counter Culture products hopefully next week will be out. Let me know in the comments down below do you have a favorite brand of cleaning product?

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