Life Update


Well hello everyone it’s been a while since we’ve talked. As you can see a lot of stuff is changing here and in my life. So I decided instead of doing like my monthly breakdown I kind of just wanted to give you guys an update since this month has been a little weird. The biggest thing is by the time you were reading this it would have been my birthday. And I would be 22. October 8th was my birthday. It’s crazy how fast my birthday kind of happened I didn’t realize it until I was planning out my post for this month. Another thing big that has happened is my sister finally moved down to Florida. She’s technically my half-sister from my dad’s side but she’s been more like a sister to me than my sisters have. She’s lived in New Mexico all my life and we only got to see her for maybe a week every year. And that was it. So she officially moved down here with my niece who is 7 turning 8 this month and her boyfriend. And it’s been amazing. It’s kind of this weird feeling so I expect her to leave to go back to New Mexico at any moment but she’s here. So it’s amazing to have her and we’ve been planning all this stuff like game nights and movie nights and getting to see my niece at gymnastics and Girl Scouts. As for everything else in my life my anxiety has been really bad. The panic attack has been much worse. I’ve been trying just to breathe and not put much stress on me. I’m just excited for this new chapter in my life.

I hope you guys enjoyed this life update posted. Let me know in the comments below anything new and your life?

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