What’s in my Bag?

Fun fact I did this post two years ago as part of my first week as a blogger. So I think it’s time to update it. If you haven’t noticed on the title today I’m going to talk about the stuff that I keep in my bag. I am the mother of any group. I like to be prepared and have a whole bunch of stuff in my bag. Just go ahead and get started with what’s in my bag.

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20191002_161031_hdr1592099914.jpgThis pocket is where I keep stuff I would grab throughout the day. Like my wallet which is an old wallet, I got from Target a few years ago! It’s so big but I love it! But also random stuff like lip balm, hand sanitizers, and gum! I would also have pens in here but i lost them att and need to get more! I also have some makeup stuff in here. Like mascara and an NYX setting spry which is good when i start to melt it helps make my makeup look fresh!

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20191002_161126_hdr1255575047.jpgOut of the 2 big pockets, this one is the most used. The first thing is my planner. This is my life planner i have a different one for blogging. In this one, I keep doctor appointments for me and my dad and sister, playdates with my niece, a birthday I can’t forget, and bills that need to be paid!  So I like to have this Planner on me at all times. Because I never know when I have to look at it. Next up is this black bag. This actually isn’t for me. My dad has an Ostomy bag and this has his supplies just in case it breaks or he has to replace it. So I keep this in my bag to have it at all times. And the last thing that goes and this bag is my sunglasses. I have 2 pairs that I love. The pink one is from Walmart for $7, the black one is from H&M for $3. They’re both my favorite. I switch it up whenever I feel like it.

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This back pocket of keep empty. If I’m going to a place to study I will keep my notebooks in here. If I need to change clothes that goes here. The only thing that is always in here the little zipper I keep pads. You never know when you’re going to need that.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Let me know in the comments down below what is something you always have on you?

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