I Went to Screamageddon!

So Sunday, October 13th I went to Screamageddon. 5 Thrilling Haunted Houses – Zombie Paintball – Monster Midway with Food, Drinks, & More! Featuring 2 Interactive Haunted Houses + Zombie Paintball Assault!!! I had so much fun so let’s get into this storytime.

AIJYXBGGKYI6TCHRIBWI6S7HAYSunday at 1pm I woke up got ready and left around 3ish to get to my sister’s house before 4ish. I didn’t know what I was getting into because I didn’t know who was coming and so when I got to my sister’s house we ate some food and watch the corpse bride. Which is one of my favorite movies! Then everyone got there! It was me, Emily (young sister), Izzy (cousin), Sarah (older sister), camion (Sarah’s boyfriend), Jon, Summer, And 2 other people I forgot their names. We all fit in jons car which was a station wagon from 1980. Itff865f9002544b89d4a03df523a03cd5 was crazy. When we got there it was about 7ish so we got there when it opened. 

When we got inside the gate (Its all outside) we went into the first line which was crazy. As we were in line you heard the screaming and yelling and the banging of the stuff and it was so crazy. We went in as a groud of 7 so I was in the back and we were holding on to one an other and it was so good! One of my favorite houses was the one where you had to go through a maze with people with chainsaws. I almost didnt go through this one because my sister said it was scary but it was my favorite.  We went through 4 out of 5 house because the last one had a way too long of a line and I had a really fun time! I’m super happy that I went to Screamageddon this year. I can’t wait until next year! 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Let me know in the comments down below, Do you like places like this? 

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