November Q&A

It’s a new month which means the new Q&A. If you ever want to submit a question for a monthly Q&A you can do it in the comments down below or my Twitter and Instagram. @allyvkat Just go ahead and get started.

my-ex-divorced-for-religious-reasons-he-believed-he-was-8670100Would you ever talk about your ex to your current boyfriend?

Yes and no. I guess he had questions or wanted to know about my ex I wouldn’t shy away from it. But it also has to do with the fact that it’s already on the internet for everyone to read. But I’ll never bring up my ex because I hate when people do that.

How do you manage your time between your blog and your life?

I don’t. But I do try to manage my time with stuff that I have to do and stuff that it’s okay if I don’t get done today. I am constantly working on my blog because I can’t just set a time to get work done. But I make two different to-do lists. One for my life stuff and then one for the blog. And I prioritize everything.

Favorite app you’re in love with right now?sshot5327e5c88c685

That has to be tough because I’m always finding new apps but the one I’m always obsessed with that the OneNote app by Microsoft. That’s where I make my to-do list at and that’s why I kind of keep everything I need for my life and my blog.

How’s it like with your sister now living down here?

so I write my blog post a month in advance so right now is currently October 2nd until they’ve officially been down here for one month and it’s amazing. It’s still hard to manage a new schedule. It’s something to adjust to but I’m just happy they’re down here.

Why do you hate swimming so much LOL?images (4)

So this isn’t a real question, this as a sarcastic comment from someone after my Instagram story where I complain about going swimming. I love swimming. But the only people we have access to as my grandmother’s. It is a 40-minute drive there and a free minute drive back. So it’s not an ideal thing. And people like to plan last-minute trips. I cannot plan a last-minute 40-minute trip. I need it planned in advance. But I absolutely love swimming if I had a pool I would swim every day.

Are you excited for Thanksgiving?a-traditional-thanksgiving-dinner-5832-2d002fce3daffdf0c84c8273964a2019@1x

yes. Some of the first Thanksgiving since my sister move down here. And I’m excited to see family and eat my grandma’s famous mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie. I just can’t wait.

I hope you guys enjoyed this Q&A. Let Me Know in the comments section are you excited for Thanksgiving? Are you doing anything special?

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