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The fall is here. Fall is one of my favorite Seasons because I dream of that perfect fall with the leaves falling in the pool weather. But I live in Florida. So fall for us is a little less humid and some little rain. So to get in the false. I decided to leave all the time. So let’s get started.

211c5096-713e-48ef-bbc0-0ca7705719b5_1.43aa8917d08ec6fdb29129ea33d5c9731. Favorite Fall scent.

At Walmart they have this like cheesecake pumpkin it is so good. It smells the best. I recently just found it last you so I don’t know if they’ll have it again this year but it is so good and I highly recommend it.

2. Best way to spend a rainy day.

Playing in the rain. I love doing that it’s fun to do but also watching movies and just having a calming day of relaxation to the best.

3. Favorite Fall Drink.Peppermint-White-Hot-Chocolate-2

Hot chocolate. I’m not one for the pumpkin spice drinks or coffee or tea so my go-to would most likely be hot chocolate of sorts. My favorite hot chocolate used to be McDonald’s White hot chocolate that they had a long time ago but they haven’t had in a while so I tried to Starbucks one and it’s good not the McDonald’s one but it’s good.

4. Football, yay or nay?

I personally don’t care for football out of all the sports my favorite is always hockey so I don’t know much about football.

5. Favorite article of clothing this Fall.

6bcb4ef1f3b01ea5ca01de2321c15bc2--ugg-slippers-ugg-shoesIt’s black leggings and oversized flannel. That’s always my favorite piece of clothing like any day but especially fall. With some cute boots. I have a lot of flannels and black leggings and Its a problem lol!

6. Haunted house, haunted hay ride, or haunted corn maze?

Haunted hayride fresh air. When I was little ways to go to her local to a nice to have like a kid’s version of The Haunted Hayride where they would tell the story of Headless Horseman and I remember that so well is one of my favorite things that we did for Halloween.

7. The scariest movie you’ve ever seen…

I don’t know. I love scary movies so I can watch them all the time and I wouldn’t say once like the scariest the Annabelle movie would be up there.

8. Favorite candy to eat on Halloween?HalloweenCandyMap1280

My favorite candy hands-down is Reese’s but I also love Three Musketeers KitKat M&Ms.

10. Favorite fall recipe.

Every year when I was little up to when I was like 17 I would go over to my grandmother’s house tonight before Thanksgiving and I would have to make her pecan pie and pumpkin pie. I was a recipe that she got from her mother in a cookbook and she’s so used to this day and they are the best. But I love getting to help her in the kitchen making them.

140594-I-Love-November-Thanksgiving-Break-Dinner-Macy-s-Parade-Family...11. What is your Favorite thing about Fall?

I love that it’s during the time of Thanksgiving some of my family gets to come down here and I get to see them. I love getting to see the seasons change you know it’s not too much herebut still. I love that it is just a feeling of warmth and family and being together. Also, my birthday is in Fall so.

I hope you guys enjoyed this fun post!! Let me know in the comments down below, what is one thing very excited for about fall? As I was going to say I love you guys so much, thank you for everything you do, and I’ll see you in the next best.

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