What’s in my work bag!

So last month I did a what’s in my bag post. So this month I wanted to show you what’s in my work bag. I work bag stays at my desk and I bring him with me when I go to Barnes and Noble’s to get work done, order my bed could do a lot of work there. I just like to have all my stuff in it but I don’t necessarily need it when I’m sitting at my actual desk. I can just pull out what I need it’s alright they’re easy for me to grab and move to whatever I want to get work done. So let’s go ahead and get started.

20191023_182638_hdr733389798.jpgIn this my pocket I keep my pens and I got new pastel Flair pens from my birthday for my sister and my niece and I am obsessed with them and the color is. I also have just normal pens stuff like that.  I also have these gummy bear highlighters. These were also given to me by my niece and they’re scented. They’re the best things ever and it brings me back to Elementary School when I have stuff like this. I also have a clear pouch that I keep all my Post-It notes in here. I have so many that I just put some in my bag can I use on my planner my notebooks and stuff like that.

In the middle pocket, I keep my Eric Condren planner. Which I will be honest, I don’t 20191023_182810_hdr_201910231834135521250817111.jpgreally recommend it. It’s an expensive planner for me, it wasn’t my perfect planner. So so it’s kind of for me. I loved it, it was a beautiful planner but it wasn’t my perfect planner. I just bought it because of the name. I also keep this notepad cover thing in here. I got on sale for $12 at Barnes & nobles and to be honest it wasn’t worth that. But I use it to plan on my month’s post and where I keep my Post-It notes of important. I also keep this llama composition notebook. This is given to me by my niece and I love it. I just keep it in here doodle ideas and to write.

20191023_182847_hdr136653275.jpgIn the back pocket, I keep this llama clipboard. Again my niece got me this for me and I like to keep it in my bag because I do some work in my bed so it’s nice to have a hard surface to write on. I also have this blue Marble SketchBook I am in love what are the cover looks. I got it for only $8. That is amazing. it is a Sketchbook so it’s blank pages but I use it to just write draw really anything.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. let me know in the comments down below what is something you keep in your bag at all times?

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