My Go To Favorite Outfit

When finding an outfit that I love and feel amazing in, I seem to wear it a lot. A lot of you guys on Instagram noticed that and said me to make a Lookbook on it. So here you go!

snapchat-880358788122921011.jpgLet’s start with my feet and work up to my head. My boots are from Sears I got a few years ago for Christmas. I think everyone needs a good brown boot in their closet! Then I went with a black legging. These leggings are from Tjmaxx and I wanted a thicker legging then normal and I wanted on that was so high rise that way my tummy would show lol. For my top, I have a green top from Torrid that was way tome, so I cut it and made it into a crop top and I love it so much! Then I added a Komodo like a thing. My grandma got me this and it is also formed Tjmaxx!

My make up is done how I normally do it. Black eyeliner a little brown for eyeshadow. I do my eyebrows and some foundation. Nothing too crazy.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Let me know in the comments down below, do you have a go-to outfit?

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