How my Thanksgiving was…

I barely survived Thanksgiving. All the panic attacks stress and all the bullshit I want through let me to this moment. Let’s break down how am I Thanksgiving really was.

The night before me and my little sister went over to my grandmother’s house to help my other sister decorate. It was really fun me and my sisters got along. we’re having fun. But my grandmother who’s cooking made it seem that she didn’t want me there. So I had a few panic attacks and I just wanted to hide and cry. But other than that I and my sister had a great time.

The morning of me and my sister left at 8:30 to get to my grandmother’s house at 9. We watch the parade together me my little sister and my big sister and my sister’s boyfriend Cameron. We had a great time is really fun Emily who is obsessed with K-pop got to see nct127 perform and she was really happy about that. My older sister and her boyfriend Cameron got to see Beetlejuice perform so they were happy about that. I started getting ready then I did my makeup and everything was okay. You were all joking and laughing and having a great time. And then the stress kicked in. A little backstory my half-sister Megan her boyfriend Derek and their daughter Chloe just moved down here from New Mexico. They’ve never lived near us all my life. We only got to see them during the summer for about a week. I love that they’re here but I’ve never been so frustrated before. we’ll talk about this in a blog post coming up but basically, it was a stressful day because of Megan. We told her she needs to be there at 1 p.m. exactly because my grandmother and my sister had someplace else to be she texted us at 12:30 saying she’s going to be late to wait for her. That’s what she does all the time. when she got there she needed all of us to be together every single time. If I walk to the room because I needed a second to breathe to pull everybody else in there. She doesn’t understand anything. And we don’t have to be together every second of the day. She wanted to do all this stuff but we already had set out the schedule in the plan for the day. When we were taking group photos like me and my sister do every year she wanted to change it all. But she didn’t ask she just kind of went for it. Ella may need the most frustrating is she doesn’t watch her daughter. I love my niece Chloe she has made me so happy. She’s only eight and so she’s still very much a child. Chloe wanted to do all this stuff and I had to keep telling her to know we needed this we have to do this first and stuff like that and Megan looked at me like I was doing something wrong. I’m sorry I have to parent your daughter.

I’m sorry I know it seems like I’m complaining on Thanksgiving but the past month has been really bad and I’m really frustrated at her. She uses her anxiety as an excuse and it’s just so stupid. I want to do a full post of explaining everything so basically, I just Have had really bad anxiety and it’s so frustrated at her. When I tell my sisters and my aunt to people that I’m frustrated they get so shocked because I am the least frustrated person. I never get frustrated like this. That’s how you know it’s something serious. It was a great day I did get to see family got to eat food And I am thankful for my family I just wish it was not a stressful day. But at the end of the day, I am so thankful for the family and the time I have with them.

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