December Q&A

Happy December! A new month brings a new Q&A. This will be a short one because I have a lot of posts for December and i can’t wait till you guys get to see them. So let’s get started.

517x5LgJ8eL1.How is Everything With your boyfriend?

Everything is amazing. He makes me so happy and I just love him so much.

2. Is there going to be any gift guides this year?

I got this question a lot and yes! Last year was my first year doing one so I only did 3 but this year I’m going to be doing 5!! I can’t wait till you guys to see them. Next week!

3. Are you doing anything for Christmas?616SGTY4VHL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_

It’s always at my grandma’s house! On Christmas eve we do evening church then we go back to my grandmas and watch movies, play games and have a fun night. Then in the morning we wake up ad go back to my grandma’s and opened presents.

4. Why haven’t you been posting on Instagram?

So I suck at social media. It’s so important to a blogger but yet I still can’t manage it lol. Also, I have been sick with the cold and haven’t been stress so that’s also a reason. I promise to get better at it and post more.

I hope you guys enjoyed this Q&A! I know it was short but next week is the gift guides and they take a lot of my time and I want them to be perfect. 


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