Realistic bucket list

I was on Instagram the other day scrolling through and I came across someone I was following. They put together a bucket list for themself of stuff they wanted to do. They were so extravagant and everyone dreams of but I got to thinking my bucket list is more realistic. As for someone who has social anxiety and anxiety disorder here’s my realistic bucket list.

Making a phone call without having a panic attack

I love having phone conversations. But only with people I know. So when it comes time to make a doctor’s appointment or phone meaning, I freaked out. I have panic attacks and I will postpone it to as late as I can. I want to be able to schedule a phone call and keep that schedule. Without having a major panic attack.

Going to the grocery store like a normal person.

I love grocery shopping. I love making my list and plan out my meals for the month it is somewhat of a relaxing thing to me. But when I get to the store and I’m in the store that goes all out the window and I start panicking. Not my story gets packed super fast and it’s always packed to the crowd level does have something to do with it but also I start freaking out over stuff that I can’t control. I just want to be able to go to the grocery store and shop like a normal person.

Help my sister more.

Now you might be thinking to yourself Ali you hate your sister. And to that, I say kind of. But I went ro help my sister one Saturday a few weeks ago and the early morning at the special needs class at her church. And I never really do that because one my anxiety makes it really hard for me to do something that I’ve no idea what I’m getting into, but also it’s always last minute with my sister and I can just go and drive an hour to help out last minute. But I had a lot of fun with my sister which is weird me and my older sister have this weird relationship before once it felt normal. And I would love to volunteer more with her cuz it was absolutely fun.

Doing stuff I’ve never done before

That’s some kind of vague but When I say I want to do stuff I’ve never done before I really just want to get myself out there. And that includes maybe going to I’m all morning or bond hearing more or just going out even if my anxiety is bad. If I get my mind off my anxiety and I don’t think about it and I start to feel better it’s always scary taking that first step to do something when my inside is already acting up.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Let me know in comments down below do you have a realistic bucket list item or even a crazy bucket list item?

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