My Wishlist- Gift Guide 2019

It’s finally here guys. The start of the 2019 gift guide. Set for the first one we will be doing my wishlist. This some stuff that I’ve added to my Amazon wishlist throughout the year stuff I wish I could get. Tell let’s just jump right into it.

download (4)Hp All in one Printer

I’ve added this to my wish list last year. Still, very much want one. As a printer that has everything a copy, scan, and Prince. But it’s tiny. Soda fit on my desk easily. It also is cute looking. It is only $49.99 I think it’s a good price for a printer. Possibly HP printer which is one of my personal favorite brands.

Buy Me Here

An L-shaped desk61kzrbkdcgl._sl1000_.jpg

This may seem kind of weird. But I’ve been wanting an L shaped desk for a while. I found some Cubans on Amazon raining in the price for the one I actually ended up liking the most is only $99. That’s not too bad for a good wooden desk. I’m so used to a flip table but I bought it like 4 years ago. The Sony deck is muchly appreciated right now.

Buy Me Here

611eO0vxImL._SX466_HP all-in-one desktop computer

This is something I’ve wanted since it came out and appearing as a touch screen monitor all-in-one HP computer desktop. That would come to play My ultimate computer setup for work. But it is kind of on the pricey side. Amazon I found it for $349.99. I’m sure if they can be cheaper at Walmart but it’s something I would always want.

Buy Me Here

Roundhill Furniture vanity with stool4741bdb0-afff-4f1b-8b73-925c4afb87f2_1.51c1bd37fcb47b35031673467e6d66a0

I really want a vanity for my makeup. Right now I sit on the floor And my closet and have a mirror on the wall in there. it would be nice to actually have a designated spot for my makeup. That’s what I found on Amazon is only $100 and it comes with a really cute stool. It’s also not a big one is like a perfect size for me in my room.

Buy me here

Amazon basic office chair

71k-d1I7MSL._SY606_My best friend actually has a chair and it is really comfy. As of right now, I use a dining room table chair and it is not comfy at all. But it works. As someone who works at their computer, I sit at my desk a lot and I found myself having to get up like after 20 or 30 minutes just to stretch Because my legs will start to hurt and my back will too. this one’s comfy and it’s actually affordable at only $67.99

Buy Me Here

I hope You guys enjoyed the first official gift guide for this year. Stay tuned tomorrow for the next one and every day leading up till Friday. Let me know in the comments down below what is one thing on your wishlist you hope to get this year.

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