The Chat November

Welcome everyone to the first The Chat!!! If you don’t know what this is it is where I will rant to you about how my month was and then in the comments down below you tell me the good and bad about your month. It is a giant conversation with everybody in the place where you can talk about anything So let’s get started.

downloadNovember was a stressful month. A lot of stuff happens and we had a lot of fun times. Let’s start with the stressful part. The month started kind of bad. My dad ended up having problems with getting his retirement money. It’s very stressful to have to deal with all that and I’d help him and we needed bills paid so it’s very stressful. Another big stressful part was Thanksgiving. I talked about this and how my Thanksgiving was and to sum it Megan wants to have it her way but I’m not babying her anymore because she is 28 years old and it was a very stressful day. Terrifying moments but again overall it was just a very stressful day having to deal with her and my sisters and just everybody. Now let’s talk about the good stuff that happened. I got to see family that I don’t know how I’m going to get to see. That was a lot of fun. The night before Thanksgiving I had a lot of fun with Sarah my oldest sister which never download (12)happens. I’m extremely happy with my boyfriend and it has been absolutely amazing and he has been so supportive and just there for me and I love him so much. As of writing this it is actually December 3rd and it is a six-month anniversary which is weird. In a good way obviously but I’ll just head over heels.

Now it’s your guy’s turn. In the comments let me know the good and bad of your month. Let’s join the chat together and make this a safe place for all of us.

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