2019 My Year In Review

I can’t believe this year is over! I remember January like it was yesterday. Not only is the year almost over, so is a decade!!! That so fucking crazy. So today I want to go through my year month by month and point out things that happened! So let’s get started.

January– I lived in the living room with my little sister and we had to share a bathroom with our dad for 4 weeks. Our apartment building had a roof leak and a lot of work had to be done so we were in the living room for 4 weeks. It was so much fun.

February– I renamed the blog Allison Veila. I wanted to make my bog more mature and changing my name was the first step.

March– My sister turned 23. My sister had surgery and my dad was in the hospital and that was so scary.

April– Easter was really fun. I got a great photo with my sisters. I had a lot of fun and really enjoyed church which is wried.

May– Can’t think of anything.

June– My little sister turned 18!! I met my boyfriend and my sister went house hunting! My blog turned 2 years old which is crazy!

July– My dad turned 54.

August– I dyed my hair red. It marks one year since my abuela died.

September– My sister moved to Florida.

October– I don’t know about you but I’m feeling 22!!!

November– Thanksgiving was a mess but had fun!

December – Christmas was great and I had fun at the ranch and saw and feed cows. Christmas was great, crazy but really good. i had a lot of fun got to see family and church was really good!

I hope you enjoyed this year in review. Let me know in the comments down below what did you do this year?!?!

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