January Q&A

We are now in 2020! It’s wired but it’s a new month so now like always it’s a new Q&A! If you ever want to see your question on a Q&A you can ask anytime on my Instagram or Twitter (allyvkat) or in the comments of any post. Let’s get started.

the-sims-4-discover-university-cover1). What do you do during your free time?

I don’t really have free time but if I do I would play video games mostly sims, and I would nap.

2). How is your anxiety lately?

Shitty but in use to it. I feel like once I get everything under control something happens and I can’t breathe again. But that’s my life.

3. How’s everything with your sister living in Florida?

Its been something. I have a whole post coming about that soon.

4). Anything fun coming to the blog?download (3)

I hope so. I have been having trouble working with the holidays but now I’m back to getting shit done.

5). Dream place you want to live?

Anywhere on a farm. I want cows, goats, ducks all the animals!!!!

I hope you guys enjoy this post. If you want to see your questions on a Q&A follow my Instagram, Twitter, and the blog. Let me know in the comments done below, what’s your dream place to live?

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