Where I’ve been.

Hello. It has been a few weeks since something has been in my blog and a few months since I had tried to write anything for my blog. Today i kinda want to explain where I have been and what’s been going on.

Basically, I have been tired. A lot has been going on in my personal life that it’s been really hard to do anything. I have been dealing with my dad’s insurance company for 4 months. That has been exhausting. He couldn’t go to chemotherapy the past two times he was supposed to have it. We got it fixed and he’s back at chemo but it was a stressful thing. My half-sister Megan has been in town for 5months and I can say it’s been a living hell. She’s never lived in the same state as me and so spend a lot to adjust to but we are slowly finding out she’s not the sister we thought she was. And that has been super exhausting to deal with. I ended up getting sick twice. I was sick with a cold in November and then just a few weeks ago I ended up getting a cold again. That was the worst. And then I ended up getting my dad sick so I had to take care of him. I’ve been volunteering a lot with my sister and the special needs kids at her church and that has been amazing and wonderful. I’ve also just been hanging out with my niece and cousin a lot and they have been amazing to hang out with. I guess the whole point of all this is its been hard finding time to write anything has been hard and when I do sit down to write I just get stressed and overwhelmed about everything when I haven’t done yet and I just have a mental breakdown and cry myself to sleep. So try to not focus on doing that and some folks and the stuff that I had to get .

So with all that being said am i coming back? Yes but not as fast as I was before. If I get the chance and I get a post done then I will be post it but I’m never going to put something on my blog that isn’t completely finished to my standards and it’s something I will always stand by so with that being said I need to deal with my life first and get stuff in order so I can sit down and really focus on it for you guys. I just want to say thank you guys for always sticking by me and all the breaks I take and just supporting everything I do. You guys don’t understand how much it means to me and I know you guys were always there for me.

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