I’m Back

So if you didn’t read my last post. I was gone for awhile. I needed a break from the blog to clear my mind. Well now I’m back and my mind isn’t clear. So lets talk about that!

I’ve always been the one doing everything. Since I was a kid my name was the one called someone needed something. And it still is. My baby sister is now 18. she can handle cleaning, cooking, shit like that. But it’s a meltdown whenever I bring up her doing dishes. She wants to get treated like a 21 year old but doesn’t want to  do anything. Its so frustrating. I am always cleaning up after her. Then my 28 year old half sister wants to act like a 12 year old. Her child who is 8 can do whatever she wants and that’s so shitty. I never want to judged someone’s parenting skills but this is bad. She sister also ACTS MORE LIKE A CHILD THEN HER KID. we WENT TO A Escape ROOM AND I HAD A LOT OF FUN UP TO THE POINT SHE THREW A FIT BECAUSE WE ASKED HER TO Move. The she keep taking thing out of people hands and not listing. Then we got in the car she starts signing that she didn’t get to do much. I didn’t sign up to babysit my 28 year old sister.

I guess the whole point of all this is I’m so done feeling like I do everything but I get treated like I’m nothing. Its so tiring to do this everyday. I do so much and to my sisters I’m nothing and they get to treat me like shit and get away with it.  When I give my input on something they treat it like I insulted them when all I said was my opinion. I’m just so tired of fighting everyone lastly.

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