Hello! I’m Now Single!

Its been a month. A lot has happened and I kind of anted to give y’all a little update. So lets get started with the biggest thing that happened…

I am now single. My ex disappeared. He replaced me faster then you could say my name. Without a goodbye or a break up she’s there in my place. It hurts. It’s feels like my fault but I know it isn’t.  He didn’t say anything he just stopped talking to me. Then I tired talking to him but I found out I was replaced. I knew this relationship was doomed but still. Have some respect for me and tell me its over. With josh we were engaged and he had the decency to tell me to my face he was cheating on me! So you could have said goodbye… I also was sick with the flu and then a week after I had a bell palsy episodes and was on medicine that made me tired all the time and had no energy to do anything and I was in pain. Also my sister is turning 24 so we had our Sunday dinner for her and it was amazing. I looked great, we got some great photos, and laughed a lot. It was what I needed after finding out I was replaced. I also went to the mall and a LOT from torrid so maybe a haul coming soon.

So my mind has been busy lately but i’m back an single! So look forward to seeing more post on the blog and I cant wait to vent all my feelings! I have missed you guys and glad to be back! Let me know in the comments down below if you guys want to see anything on the blog!

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