Rub Me The Right Way (Queen V Anti-chafe Stick Review)

I have thick thighs. That is a common fact. I live in Florida we’re in the summer you wear dresses and shorts a lot because it is so hot out that I forbid putting on pants. But there are times where it is miserable to wear a dress or shorts because of the chub rub.a lot of you guys have been recommending the queen V rub me the right way anti-chafe stick, and so today I will be reviewing that.


I picked mines up at Walmart for $5.99. Which is a decently reasonable price. It is a 2.6 Oz stick. So it’s pretty big for the price. I usually just use deodorant because I’ve never really bought such a stick before. The first impression of it, I’ve always loved clean these packaging. I’ve always been drawn to it. As for the stick, it is kind of thick. It smells kind of good, but I was kind of worried about the smell. And like I said, it’s a pretty good size. You get a lot of product. It also moisturizes and hydrates the skin that you put it on. It’s a smooth transition on the thigh, And it feels really great. It doesn’t feel so thick I barely notice it’s there. And it lasts for a right decent amount. I was at the mall for 5 hours the other day, and I played it before I left, and I only have a blight towards the end when we were walking back to the car. But even then, I technically didn’t have to I just felt like I needed to. So they’ll last a good while. It did cool down the skin where it was getting irritated when I forget to put it on, which is a nice feeling.

Overall I think this is a fantastic product, and if you can get it for a reasonable price, I say pick it up. I love the packaging and the cost, and I love the product itself. It works, and I recommend it to everybody. Let me know like I was down below if you have a product you want me to try.

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