I Did A Thing…

I did it. I looked at his profile. I saw a picture of them together. And she was tagged in it. So what do I do I go to her profile. And then I start comparing myself to her. I I’m crazy. I know everybody does this after a breakup but I don’t know why. I couldn’t stop. He is the asshole who decided to not message me back. He is the asshole who chose her over me and that is fine. But why do I want to blame her. For all I know she has nothing to do with it she doesn’t know about me. (maybe) Why do we instantly feel like we need to blame the other person that probably had nothing to do with it she was chosen I’m accepting that it is fine I knew we weren’t going to be together this wasn’t going to be a good relationship he wanted stuff that I didn’t but it still hurts. It still sucks to see them together. It’s going to hurt for a little bit. He calls her the love of his life when he’s known her for a week. That makes me feel like shit. What did I do wrong? Fuck him… Just wanted to share my current thoughts. Have you guys ever had a shity break up before?

2 thoughts on “I Did A Thing…

  1. Tilly Haines

    Oh god, this happened to me literally 3 weeks ago after 5 months!! It’s the WORST.

    I looked, I know I shouldn’t have looked, but I couldn’t help it, I just needed to know what he was up to. The guy who was a complete d**k and failed to make our relationship work and gave me zero effort, but claimed he “still loved me” and hoped that “one day we can make it work and be together”, was quite happy to give time and effort to someone else a few months on.

    It hit me HARD. I cried and cried and cried, and was almost in a state of shock despite knowing it was going to happen one day.

    But you’ve got to remember that you are the one who is better off here. Comparing is always easy – it’s remembering why you are great that is hard. But just please take a few moments to note why you are great – NOT why you are better – but why you, regardless of anyone else, are great.

    You have come out of this the other side, and you will find someone who shows you the love and care and support you deserve. Which is hard to believe, but it’s true and I have seen that with my own eyes. She is not better than you, you are not better than her – but you are better than him, and you will find someone to match that.

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    1. I’m so sorry you went through that. And trust me I cried and cried and cried a lot too. Thank you for the amazing words. I love have you phrased everything. it really made me happy and smile especially the end. So thank you for that. I really needed that. ♥️♥️♥️

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