John Frieda red shampoo and Conditioner review

When I dye my hair, I always use color-safe stuff. It took me four years of dying my hair red to find out that they have red shampoo and conditioner!!! So I tested it out for a month, and here is my review and my routine.

I’ve dyed my hair red off and about four years now. I love doing grad, but it is the hardest to maintain. It fades quickly, especially if you do the shade I do. But I love it so much. I would do anything to keep it. So I have time to leave John Frieda red bridge thing shampoo and conditioner, and it has changed my life. Your red hair demands attention, and this will give it to it.
The radiant red boosting shampoo and conditioner get a vibrant color recharge every time you condition, letting the natural shape shine through. It is infused with the red tones to keep the red that I’ve Loved looking brighter much longer. It has pomegranate extract and vitamin e, which is something my hair needs. Disclaimer, this only works for the natural and color-treated hair, not for the lightest shades like the Auburn or the super dark red.

I bought mine off of Amazon and ended up saving 20% because I did the auto-buy for every two months, but you can get yours at Target Ulta beauty in Walmart. I ended up paying $11.99 because I bought it off of Amazon does the price could vary from store to store. But I think it’s worth the price.
I’ve used it for a full month now, and it has helped. Usually, I have to dye my hair every month because of how fast it fades. Still, since I’ve been using the John Frieda shampoo conditioner and something else that I will be reviewing tomorrow, I have noticed that I can do it every other month now. It doesn’t like my hair feeling dry. It makes my hair look shiny and beautiful overall. It’s a great shampoo and conditioner.the one thing about it though is to conditioner you have to leave in your hair for 10 minutes to get the maximum brightness. I will get out and do dishes or something and then get back in the shower and wash it out.

So my overall review is I love it. I will be repurchasing it as long as I have my red hair, and I’m mad at myself for not looking for this is pricier than regular shampoo and conditioners, but I’m not buying dye every month, so it evens out for me.

I hope you guys enjoyed this review of the John Frieda radiant red booster shampoo and conditioner. Let me know in the comments down below, do you have any favorite shower product for your hair

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