Garnier nutrisse Hair Mask Review

as you guys know it is shower week on the blog. All this week I will be giving you a reviews and tips on shower related products. Yesterday I did the John Frieda red shampoo and conditioner and today I am going to be bringing you the Garnier nutrisse color revival hair mask. So let’s get started.

About a month ago I got this ad for a hair mask that promises a day one color and just 10 minutes. Is Hummer brand that I use all the time and is actually the hair dye brand that I use Garnier I said yesterday and I had struggled keeping my red color is my favorite color to do but I see how it is to maintain. If it’s way too the idea of having a mask but I can do once a week to get that color that I first had when I diet I was definitely going to try it.

so basically what it is it’s a conditioner with like red dye in it. You do your normal shampoo and then after you put this in any wait 10 minutes and then you wash it out. The first time I used it I didn’t know how much I should be putting in my hair so I did a little bit later. so I saw some different spin out a lot so the next time I tried it I ended up putting a little bit more and spots that I don’t need it more color and it literally look like I had just dyed my hair. It was insane. Assassin do it every two weeks for the way I wash my hair I’ve changed it to doing it once a week and I’ve noticed that my hair looks much better. I pair this with my John Frieda red shampoo conditioner and my color looks amazing. I now only have to dye it every other month and it’s mostly just for my roots.the only downside to this is if you have dry your hair this does kind of dry out your hair so I recommend pairing it with a good leave in conditioner after.

I bought mine at Walmart for $6.99 which isn’t too bad it is a smaller tube but you only have to use it once a week or once every other week. I’ve seen it online and at Target. It also says you can buy it off their website.any store that sells carne products you should be able to find it and it’s and not in the condition or no for my stories I’ve always found it in the hair dye.

So my overall review of it is I love it. because that’s a little bit of dye in it it just makes the color look brighter and brand new and it helps to keep my color lasting longer. It’s a decent price for how much product you get and how many times will use it. I will say they also have it in three other colors other hairs. They have it any warm Brown vibrant copper golden blond and cool blond. so you can check out their website and actually tell you which one is the best one for you especially for the two blondes.

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post stay tuned for tomorrow supposed to continue shower week. Let me know in the comments down below if you could tell your any color what color would you dye it?

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