Come shower with me!!!

No, we’re not actually going to take a shower together. But I recently found out that there’s a thing called red shampoo and conditioner. and it has changed my shower routine forever. And by forever I mean as long as I have red today I’m going to show you some of my favorite products that he is in the shower. So let’s get started.

Most of the stuff that I’ve talked about before and on other shower with me posts. I use the same body wash which is Target’s brand of the dove sensitive body wash. Love it can’t talk about it enough. And I still use the same reason I did before the shame and I am still obsessed with my Queen v v bar I just bought me a new one from Walmart the other day. if you want the full of these are all of those I will leave a link for you guys just click the button right below this.

So when I get in the shower in my water is usually very hot like I love to feel the burning of the water.I started putting the John Frieda red gradient boosting shampoo my hair and I scrub my scalp really hard. And then I wash it out. Now that’s can go either two ways.Once a week I will do the John Frieda red gradient boosting conditioner and I’ll put that in all over my hair and get out of the shower wait 10 minutes get back in the shower wash it out. Or I will do the Garnier nutrisse red hair mask. put that in my hair focusing on spots I need more red dye in it wait 10 minutes wash it out. And then after I do the conditioners I will shave if I feel like it. Most times I will do it when I’m out of the shower. and then I will do my Target brand of sensitive body wash which is my favorite. And I use a record sponge thing that I got from a Birchbox. And then I do my queen v soap rinse my body off and then I get out of the shower.

I hope you guys enjoy this blog post to let me know in the comments down below do you have any favorite shower products?

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