My favorite products

Since I started my blog I have tried a lot of products. I’ve hated him but I’ve also love some. And some of them have been included in my daily routines. So today I’m going to show you some of my favorite products that you guys made me buy.

The first product is the Schmidt’s deodorant.I struggled with deodorant for a while. I assume for sensitive skin so Dove and secret deodorant has never been good for me. So you guys kept recommending this deodorant and I decided to try it. I have it getting to them because I couldn’t pick which since I like the most. I got the rose with black pepper and then the sage with vetiver. They postponed so good and leader sends you know I don’t find in we’re kind of pricey at $8 each at Target. But I won’t mind I seen them a little bit cheaper. But for natural deodorant especially one with hemp seed oil it’s a decent price. The smell last for so long which is where to find in theater and I will say though it does go on sick and it does show sell if that’s a problem then I wouldn’t recommend it for you.

Next up we have the queen v v bar. See you will see two other queen v products on this list because I love them. I’ve done reviews on a lot of their products because they are just amazing too. But lately I’ve been really loving the cleansing bar. it is rosewater and aloe infused it smells like wild berry, it helps with the pH balance but it’s also formulated just for your queen v. feels amazing it doesn’t irritate my skin and it’s amazing to have if you are a girl.

Another queen v product is the royal pain pain reducing lavender and cardamom essential oil spray. I’ve never been one for the essential oil craze but I have the worst cramps ever. They will put me in bed and I will stay in bed for a few days. I have tried everything. And you guys keep recommending this to me. So I decided to try it.does it actually work? I don’t know but it makes my mind believe that it does. So what it is it is an essential oil spray that you spray on your queen v and then on your cramps area so for me my side stomach and it’s supposed to have the smells really good makes me smell really good and it makes my mind to think that I’m feeling better so I like it.

The last queen v product is there rub me the right way anti chafing stick. I just recently did a review on this on the blog and I love this. I just started taking hot out again and I am wanting more shorts and dresses and I have been using this so much and it has been amazing. it lasts me awhile I rarely have to reapply it goes on smooth and it’s not too sick. If you’re looking for an anti chafing stick I would recommend this one.

So this next one seems a little basic but it is Rose water spray.tomorrow I have a post coming out talking about my favorite face products so I wanted to put it in that one but you guys were the one who got me hooked on this so I needed to put it on my products you made Me by Post. It’s basically just rosewater you spray on your face and it makes my face feel so refreshed and nice. Especially on a hot day I will come in and just right on my face and it just feels so good. It smells so nice.

The last project was something that I didn’t know existed.I am the queen and dry shampoo. Uses a lot love it so much but what I didn’t know was there was actually dry conditioner. So I ended up picking up one trying with my dry shampoo and it is a game makes it here feels so smooth especially because of dry shampoo dry out my hair. and it doesn’t make my hair feel too greasy. I’ve seen so many different brands know what I’m currently using now is the Aussie one but I’ve also seen it and Dove and some other brands.

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post. Let me know in the comments down below, do you have a favorite product that you are obsessed with?

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