The Truth..

This is the 900th time I had made a post saying I was back. Well let’s just cut to the Chase and say the truth. I keep thinking I’m ready but obviously I’m not.there’s a lot of shit happening right now. My anxiety hasn’t stopped. I’ve cried myself to sleep every single night because of a panic attack. I’m being suffocated by so much that I don’t have time to write. Because I want to write happy and fun stuff but I can’t do that when I’m not happy. I want to write about how my life is in pieces. how I can’t breathe because I’m suffocated by too many things. That I’m still not over the fact that he just left without saying a damn thing to me. I think the reason I can’t get over any of this is because I have no one to talk to I am completely alone going through all this and that is not fun. I can’t get over things because they keep repeating themselves over and over in my head until I find someone who I can tell these things too. So am I back? I don’t know. I want to. I want to get back to writing. I want to get back to doing the fun tags and reviewing makeup and doing look books. but to do that I need to be the girl who did that. I need to find the girl who is happy and finding the joys in her life. And I hope to find that girl soon.

So to sum all this up. I hope to get to writing soon. But as of writing this I I’m just going to go day-by-day. If I find that little spark of happiness then I will take advantage of it and do something for you guys. But I got to focus on myself. And I need to get through everything right now.

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