LookBook- Sunday Dinner Edition

So because we’re in quarantine I’ve literally been wearing my PJs all day everyday. But also a month before the quarantine I buy a whole new wardrobe. That I can’t we’re anywhere. today I wanted to look back at an outfit state did for Sunday dinner for you look book. They’re all pieces that I just recently bought for my new wardrobe. So let’s get started

Look 1-

The first look is one that I wore the day after I bought all my new clothes. it was a normal Sunday dinner no birthday is or anything. The jeans are from old Navy and they were having a sale girl chants were 30% off.I never own ripped jeans before that actually sent me so I was super happy to get jeans. There a light wash color with two holes on the knees.the top that is tucked in is from torrid and you’re buying a whole bunch of clothes are because their clearance is always buy one get one free with an additional 50% always amazing. this one is two sizes too big for me so I tucked it in to give it that poofy look. It is something light purple color and it’s like the shear like slip material. And then the so, no thing is actually a blouse you tie it up but it looks so good opened up that I kept it like that. That is awesome from the torrid sale. for my shoes I want my boots that I wear always because they’re my favorite. and for my makeup and kept it kind of like it was just a simple eyeliner and some brown eyeshadow in the crease. And then the normal stuff mascara and stuff.

Look 2-

For my second look at is quite simple to see outfit that I wore for my sister’s 24th birthday dinner.it’s super simple I just for some jeans from the last look that I want to go to get from old Navy. And then the top is he kimono think that I will open and look number one just wore it how your supposed to. This blouse is so pretty. And it’s two sizes too big so cuz off the perfect oversized look. I love wearing this open and close as one of those things that can be both ways to.I wore my black bodysuit underneath it so you saw the string that goes across your chest peeking through and It gave it a cute little thing. I wore my boots again with the look because I think that’s the only shoes I ever wear.

Look 3-

The outfit was actually put together in quarantine.I was going out for a walk and instead of wearing the same leggings for the 800 time I decided to put together an outfit just to feel good about myself. The jeans are from Ross and I’m in love. They cut off at the ankles and have like a ruff to them and then I getting some holes at the knees. And then the top is also from ross. It was a full size blouse. But I’m like a pleading to it and I am cutting it to make it a crop top. Is this really pretty olive green color which is my favorite. can a komodo thing is also from ross and it’s white with a lace detailing on the back of the pretty floral print.and I’m getting a few from Ross and I love these they at the perfect look to an outfit. And then I just wore my Target brand Birkenstocks.

Look 4-

My second-to-last look is what I would have worn to Easter.for once in my life I ended up getting my off in a month before Easter and of course with everything going on church was canceled.but I still wanted to show you guys my dress that I would have gotten because it’s so cute. I got it from torrid from the clearance sale and actually my niece picked it up for me. I had a few picked out but my niece insisted I have to get this one cuz it got rated a thousand million percent by her. It’s just a pink mid-length dress. With a flannel detailing. I will say it is a size too big for me I would have size down but it’s still really cute on me and it’s flattering. I loved it cuz it sounded too thick of a material cuz it was going to be hot. But I also like the button detailing on the chest. I would have worn my black lace-up wedges with this wear my boots.and then I would do waves in my hair and a casual pink eyeshadow makeup.

Last look-

My last look is my favorite. It is the same thing I have worn everyday of quarantine. The only thing new is my top and it is from the torrid sale it is just a gray sweater. It’s a little bit longer than cropped but not full length. It’s not too thick which I love and it just hits me great. And then my favorite high waisted fabletics black leggings. That’s all is outfit is. And then I just want with tennis shoes.

I hope you guys enjoyed this lookbook. I hope you guys are having an amazing time in quarantine and staying safe. Let me know in the comments below what is your quarantine look?

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