I felt unwanted

It’s been a while since I’ve been pissed at my sister Sarah. But lately she has been doing stuff that has made me feel very much unwanted. so today I kind of just want to rant about her real quick.

so if you don’t know I have two older sisters Megan who is my half-sister and then Sarah who’s well my sister. Lately we’ve been real mad of my a sister making her cuz she has been doing a lot of bullshit and that we recently caught up to it. So Sarah has been my favorite sister as of lately. But she ended up ruining all that in one day. And I’m going to explain that right now.

Last Sunday it was mother’s day. A week before my grandmother, messaged me and my sisters saying she wants to have me and my sisters over for a Sunday dinner. because of quarantine we haven’t had a Sunday dinner in 3 months so we haven’t seen each other at all. We all have different reasons to why we have to stay safe. I live with my dad who’s at high risk she works with special-needs kid and lives are my grandmother so they’re all high-risk so we all knew we had to play it safe so we only invited 5 people over.so on the way there I got a text from her saying you guys cannot go through the front door you have to stay in the back porch that’s where you would eat dinner. We live in Florida so it was super hot and I’m not letting my dad who just had chemo sit outside in the heat for dinner.then I brought up the question what about the bathroom she said no. No one is allowed inside the house. Keep in mind I did not want the Sunday dinner she had planned this from the very beginning. I’m not driving 80 minutes to sit outside in the heat to eat dinner to not be able to use the bathroom walk inside at all. I honestly got to so mad. So I told her that’s not happening try again or we are turning around and not going. She ended up changing it saying fine we set up a table inside you can only use my grandmother’s bathroom. Not wanting to argue anymore.

We get there and right when we walk in she’s yelling at us to not touch anything and go sit at the table and not move. I am a twenty-two-year-old who is not going to get treated like a two-year-old for my sister whose only a year older than me that bullshit. That ain’t going to work with me. So it would be Cameron’s birthday my sister’s boyfriend on that Monday. I got him a gift and I had it in my hand as I’m walking inside and she yells at me to throw it down and to not touch it anymore. this makes it very clear when I asked him if he would open it now that he can’t until I clean it all off.

So I’m sitting at the table across the room not looking at her at all or anybody for that matter because I’m so mad. my grandmother keeps trying to give us our plates and our cups and stuff and my sister is yelling at her to step away from them like we are some gross people that she’s never met before. And I’m honestly just starting to get so frustrated I’m about to have a mental breakdown. So the food gets there and my sister is all touchy with our food and touching it all over and handing it to us. But yet we can’t touch anything. And then right after we eat I went to the bathroom and just cried.the feeling of just being unwanted and just getting treated like that pushed me over my breaking point. The way she yelled at my grandmother was unacceptable. She wanted this not us. Friday after I got out of the bathroom I left.I said bye to my grandmother said by the camera and tell him happy birthday ignored my sister and just left.

I hadn’t even put out of the driveway when I got a text from Cameron doesn’t he look the gift. So she lied to my face saying that he couldn’t open until she cleaned it off because there’s no way she did. I didn’t even get to my car before I got that message. That made me so mad.

and then a few days later I came to realization that she hangs out with Cameron’s family every day. They are always with each other. her and Cameron sister make tik Tok videos. They’re always doing stuff together. Keep in mind all of his family members work for law enforcement so they deal with random people throughout the day but yet we’re the ones who are unsafe. And she can’t come near us. And we’ve been stuck at home for three months. I understand that we all take precautions but she literally just did a walk for police officers with his family. They took a group photo. they hang out everyday. We see you one day as a three months we haven’t seen you and you treat us like that. I can’t describe the feeling I felt.

I know everybody has to take precaution has to stay healthy I see nothing wrong with that. But the way she handled it and the way how she treated us compared to other people was wrong. And I know she’ll never understand and that frustrates me to no ends.

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