June Q and A!!

Hello everyone!!! It’s been a few months since I did a Q&A. So today I decided it’s finally time to do one. So let’s get started shall we!

1. How are you handling quarantine?

I am handling it the best I can. It’s been really nice to be at home but it’s been kind of stressful because me and my sister constantly butting heads more than normal. I’ve done a lot of cleaning because I could irritated to see how messy stuff is and usually I’m so busy and on-the-go I don’t notice it and it’s been nice to Declutter everything. I have moved the furniture in my room so many times because it just gets so boring when I’m stuck in my room all day. But other than that I’m handling it okay.

2.What is your favorite makeup item at the moment?

Right now I don’t wear makeup because I have nowhere to go. But I will see my favorite products I still am using every day on my eyebrows. Because I have none and I have to drop them on every day. The three products that I used to see wet and wild ultimate brow pencil Grand. With the elf ultimate precise brow pencil and then the elf wow brow and all those three together make my brows look so natural and I love it.

3. Go to sing to play while you are working?

I love playing Kinky Boots While working. I don’t know why but I love it so much and it makes working so fun! Plus I love singing it. One of my favorites musical!

4. Any new hobby’s?

Since being in locked down I have picked up my love of rolling skating. I haven’t done it in about 12 years so i have really rusty. But I love it and really happy with it. Its a great way to get some air and be outside. I only fallen about 3 times one being kinda of bad but i am better now!

I hope you guys liked this Q and A! Let me know in the comments down below, Have you guys learned anything new lately?

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