How well do I know my father

Happy father’s day. Today I wanted to do the how well do I know my father tag for father’s Day! So lets great started!!

1. When is your dad’s birthday?

July 21

2. What is your dad’s favorite color?


3. How much education has your dad completed?

High school and some college

4. What was your dad’s high school mascot?

The bull dogs

5. What is your dad’s favorite food?

He loves sloppy joes and cheese burgers

6. Which would your dad prefer NOT to do? a) Yardwork b) Laundry c) Car Maintenance

Probably laundry. I mostly do the laundry.

7. If your dad could do anything he wanted for 3 hours, what would it be?

Watch TV and relax

8. If your dad were to pick a vacation, which would he prefer? a) Luxury Resort b) Mountain Cabin c) Stay-cation {vacation at home} d) International Travel

Definitely a staycation. He’s never been one for fancy vacations he’s always just like being at home or close to home.

9. Where did your parents meet, and how?

My mom was a nurse at a psychiatric hospital and my dad was delivering something to the hospital. And that’s how they officially met.

10. If your dad received a $1,000 prize, what would he do with it?

He would give some of it away. He’s always been a generous person when it comes to money.

11. Which of these does your dad prefer to watch? a) Basketball b) Football c) Soccer d) Golf e) Baseball

My dad has never really liked it any sport. But he would always check the scores of football and baseball and a little bit of basketball. But never really watch it.

12. What was your dad’s first job?

Sure got a little corner store when he’s like 14. And it’s mostly to unload delivery trucks and stock the shelves.

13. What is your dad’s biggest goal?

For his daughters to be happy.

14. What is your dad’s biggest pet peeve {something he dislikes}?

Just rude people in general. He’s one of the nicest people ever and he hates just seen people treat other people badly.

15. What is your dad’s favorite TV show?

he doesn’t really have one favorite TV shows cuz he likes a lot. He loves watching old TV shows like mash but then he also loves like Bob’s burgers and SpongeBob.

16. What is your dad’s favorite dessert?

He left and you deserve a lie but it’s like favorite would be a classic new york-style cheesecake. He left and you deserve a lie but it’s like favorite would be a classic New York style cheesecake. But anything chocolate he will eat.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Let me know in the comments down below, what is your favorite Tv show??

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