Wet n Wild vs. Rimmel Foundation

I have 2 different foundations that I use all the time. I got asked way too much which one is my favorite. So today I want to break down my two favorites and explain why they’re completely different. So let’s get started then.


The first one is wet and wild photo focus foundation. I got it in the color nude ivory which

Next up is Rimmel lasting finish 25 hour breathable longwear foundation. This is in the shade Ivory which is my normal shade.


The price for the wet and wild one was $4.99 at my local Walgreens but online at wet n wild is for $6.49. The Rimmel is $5.29 on my Walgreens and on the website it says they also sell it for $5.29. they’re both in the affordable price rains when it comes to foundation.


As for shade ranges go white and wild goes all the way from porcelain to mahogany. And have about six to seven darker tone shades. Rimmel goes from Fair ivory to deep mocha. From about 10 to 9 darker Tone shades. I threatened stores for both of them I saw a pretty good amount of them. But online they have their full collection.


I use them for two different types looks. The wet and wild is a full wear foundation Chinese at 4 full Glam looks were like I’m pulling out contour and bronzer and all that. Versus the Rimmel this one is a very liquidy foundation the so I do it for the light looks when I’m just in a little makeup or not doing the full thing.


Do you want a mile last a pretty good amount of time. I live in Florida so it’s very humid outside and I know I will have to spot check in a little bit. But overall the foundation can last the good 10 hours. The Rimmel promises to last 25 hours and let’s be honest does anything really do last long. This one is a lighter foundation so we could last a few hours for how I wear it if I Ward wear full coverage I think it could last the 10 hours away and wild does.

Comments and remarks

The wet and wild is a heavier set foundation but I do like that for a full Glam look. It is a comfortable to wear you don’t really notice it too much and it doesn’t sweat as badly as I thought it would. The Rimmelis a much lighter foundation and I love it for lighter looks. So there’s no sweating through it. It does not smear it goes on easily and they’re both pretty amazing.

The conclusion…

more on preference. If you’re looking for an heavier foundation recommended what am I up if you want to lighter foundation that feels like nothing and is fru much lighter looks I recommend Rimmel. they’re both great brands they’re both great foundations and they’re in good price ranges. You can get both of them and do different things with them and overall I recommend both.

I hope you guys enjoy this blog post. let me know if you guys have any more vs. You want me to do on different products. Let me know that comes down below what is your favorite foundation?

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