My life is something…

So…. Here’s another life update.I do this quite a lot but it’s really nice to kind of sum up what’s going on in my life to look back on and see what I was going through and that moment. So let’s go ahead and get started.

I guess the biggest thing going on right now is still Corona. It’s a super scary and mentally I am still terrified. The lock on his over here in Florida and is now not required to wear a mask with gloves and that is the stupidest decision. Cases have been going up you’re averaging around 600 positive cases a day now almost 800. Is this getting ready to reopen and it’s also dumb. No one’s wearing masksor gloves and when I go into a store people don’t listen to the 6-feet protocol. It makes me so mad.

A good thing that is happening right now is I’m extremely happy with my love life. I’ve been talking to this guy for about almost two months and it’s been really nice. She makes me really happy and brought out a side of me that I’ve always wanted but was too scared to see.

School has been going really good. I am 1/4 of a way down in the makes me so happy. I’ve been really trying to focus on it and get it done. And I can’t wait to finish it.

and I think that’s about it for this life update. I hope you guys enjoyed it and let me know the comments below how’s your life going?

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