My favorite summer dresses

I live in Florida so it’s always very hot. One of my favorite things to where are some dresses. No commitment to pants and you won’t get too hot. So today I decided to share some of my favorite summer dresses.

The first Dress is actually one of my favorite fall dresses but it also fits in the summer too. It is the sunflower print black dress from forever 21. It was given to me as a hand-me-down from my best friend and I’ve had it for about a year now but it is so cute. Add some cute sandals and that makes your summer look. It is thin and as has cute buttons on the chest. It’s short sleeve and it’s just a great summer dress.

The next dress is actually one I had talked about before and I’ve had it for so long. It is this black halter top dress with some leaves on it. It is also forever 21 and I bought this at a thrift store for $3. this dress is kind of short but it just screams summer to me and I love it. This is always my go-to dress when I did go to the beach now we kind of can’t because of a pandemic but this would be my favorite dress that I would wear cuz it just looks great and I can wear my bathing suit under it.

the next rest is actually one that I wore to my birthday last year when I turn 21 so in 2018 and I’ve had the stress since then and it’s my favorite summer dress. I literally wear this dress all the time. It is a black dress with a collar like a thing on it and cutouts on the shoulders. The dress is super thin and lightweight it is so soft and so comfy. I’ve worn the dress with some sandals and tennis shoes and it makes me feel like I’m dressed up even though I’m literally just wearing a dress. This was from Target and they have a style similar to it now is just a little different for $10 and I got the dress in the photo for $8 so that’s not bad.

The next dress is one that has been a new favorite I just got it a few months ago from Target for $14 and it’s just a simple olive green t-shirt dress. I ended up getting it two sizes bigger than what would fit me normally cuz I wanted a looser fitting dress and you see age is tied up with a nice flannel that I have. I love this dress and it’s been the new favorite that I’ve been wearing a lot cuz it’s just been too hot to wear pants. they have a lot of different colors and I’m considering going back to buy a few more.

The last dress is one that had for a while that is super short so I rarely read but when I do I love it. It is a dress from forever 21 and it is small on me and sipping chocolate pie tired with this cute fake jean shirt from torrid and it just looks really cute with the color than the lemon print. I’ve had this fest for a while and I don’t know where I got it I think my sister gave it to me but this is one of my dress Europe dresses out of the list I really love and I wanted to share this with you because I really love it.

I hope you guys enjoyed this summer dresses post. let me know in the comments down below do you guys have any favorite summer looks that you just wear everyday.

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