My summer must have

Last month I did my must-haves for summer and they’re all about different products. This month I wanted to do some of my favorite makeup products. Sound let’s go ahead and get started…

The first one is a daily moisturizer. so technically they should have been in with a different face products last month but I needed him clear this cuz this is my favorite. Is by the brand AveenoAnd I was given to me by my sister who didn’t like it. She’s definitely missing out. Is a daily moisturizer with SPF 30 in it. silo where does he go by itself or I put it on under my makeup because I sunburn super easily and I’m always looking for tin stuff to put on my face. The prices range on it I seen it for $20 for a 4oz and I’ve seen it for $10 for smaller ones but it also has different SPF levels so obvious look out for that the place I like getting it from would be Alta cuz their prices for it’s in a little bit better and some others I’ve seen.

Next up is something that I just recently found. It is he NYX pore filler primer base. I’m going to be real honest I’ve rarely used primer until I found this one. I don’t know what it is when I put it on my face it just disappears and feels really nice. It makes my makeup last a little bit longer and it helps to smooth the foundation on my face. This was given to me as a Christmas gift by my sister who swears by it and I really love it.this is another one that depends on the size of it so you can see the different prices for at Walmart you can get it for $5 voice Molly thing of it and I’m at Ulta for $14 so just keep an eye out on it and look at prices at different places before you buy it.also around Christmas time pulling out for kids that include this because those are really good pricing.

As I was saying about the Knicks Christmas kids the one that I was given healthy matte finish long lasting setting spray in it and it is my new favorite setting spray. My go-to is he wet and wild matte photo finish one and that one will always be my favorite to put this one this is the same thing and I love it. I’ve always been a fan of the mat look for the first spray and then throughout the day if I’m outside in the sun I do the do we want to help set it and the settings for just works like a helps to keep the makeup and check it doesn’t make me sweat the make about it’s just really nice.

The the next thing on the list is my favorite foundation. I did a whole post comparing my two favorite foundations and I will think that pillow for you guys and this one the Rimmel lasting finish 25 hour breathable foundation is my favorite for the summer. It is super liquidy and just melts into my face and it feels like nothing to say to her and if we’re honest on all day you don’t feel it like something up and the layers so I love just doing this when the super hot out and I just need a little foundation on.

The last thing on my list is my favorite cheek stain I got this in a Birchbox and it has a little blush from peak I love this for me cheeks. I’m just a little summer red cheek look. And it’s so cute. It’s one of those products that a little goes a long way so you have a lot of product to go through even though it’s a tiny container. So like I said I got a sample size of it and I’m still going through that.but the actual price of them is $18 which is expensive for like I said a little goes a long way. So so happy prices and end up finding out that their mission statement is the tale of two and hands her natural beauty rather than cover up your imperfections so they like to use waitlist semi-sheer products so that way it flatters your skin tone is it at hiding it. And I really love that. They’re all for empowerment of wearing makeup and that’s something that I really like.

I hope you guys enjoyed this summer essential must have makeup stuff. Let me know in the comment down below do you just have a favorite summer product or makeup that you just have to use?

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