Fall Tag!

1- Favorite thing about Autumn?

I would have to say I live in Florida and during Autumn it becomes a little bit cooler and the humidity goes away. That is a big plus to me.
2- Spooky Autumn or cozy Autumn?

I like both. I have a huge spooky version I would go all out for all these if you weren’t in quarantine this year but I love a good cozy Autumn. The flannel blankets,fireplaces, All the cuddles I could get.
3- Haunted house or Halloween party?

I don’t know I’ve always hated Halloween party for some reason. But I’m obsessed with haunted houses. I am super upset that we personally had to cancel our screamageddon trip this year. Because you know there’s a pandemic going on but I’m excited for it next year hopefully. I love being scared I get scared to be easily because I still love stuff like that.
4- Carve pumpkins or paint pumpkins?

I’ve done both and I’ve also carved and painted both real and fake pockets. And last year I don’t know if it was because I was running on an hour of sleep or I don’t know what that I hated carving pumpkins. It was so messy it was just a pain more than it was fun for me. To do with my little sister and my cousin so that was fun. After which one I love more I think I’d have to go painting. But also if you want to carve pumpkins go to a craft store and get the foam pumpkins tell her easier to clean up and a little bit easier to carve and you can keep them all year long.
5- Go apple picking or go on a hay ride?

100% a ride. I when I was a child our local Zoo had a haunted hayride and by haunted I mean there was like some fog machines at orchids. But it was the funniest thing ever. I’ve always loved a good hayride and every year I volunteer with my sister at a special needs a ranch and there’s a hayride and I love it. It’s my favorite part.
6- Pumpkin spice lattes or mulled apple cider?

Neither. I do not like pumpkin spice nor do I like lattes and I also not a big fan of fighter. I would say my fall drink would be hot chocolate. More specifically a mint chocolate. And I know I’m definitely going to get judged for that one.
7- What did you dress up for Halloween last year?

I. Do not. Want. To. Talk. About. Lasts. Halloween. I hate it. It was miserable. I don’t know if I did all I get for you guys to read. Basically I spent it with Megan and my niece and for some reason Megan was the worst. She made me wear a taco cat like mask head thing and it was a hundred degrees outside. Then proceeded to judge my black dress because apparently I’m not allowed to wear your dress. Again it was a hundred degrees. And it was a miserable night because she doesn’t know how to plan and she makes us do everything.
8- Falling rain or a crackling fireplace?

100% falling rain. I don’t understand people who look like a fireplace in the fall in Florida. Stop It’s not that cold. But I will say I do like the sound of it.
9- Have you purchased any fall decor yet?

No because I’m broke.
10- Favorite photo that you took last fall?

I took one of me and my niece At a Sunday dinner it was super cute and we were both Wearing flannel.
11- Is your birthday in Autumn?

My birthday is October 8th.and I’m so excited and I excited I mean I hate my f birthday. I don’t know why I mean I do know why but I really don’t want to go into death about it right now. And I will be 23 this year which is crazy cuz that’s how my sister was when she got engaged oh wait were only 18 months apart now I’m having a midlife crisis again.

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