What’s on my phone

I get questions all the time about my favorite apps that I use daily. So today I wanted to break down my top five favorite apps that I recommend to anyone. So let’s get started.



I recently found this app and I am so happy about it. It’s like social media but for your neighborhood. Nextdoor is a social media app where you enter in your address and it gives you posts about what is happening in your neighborhood. You can post anything on there like if there’s power outages or lost dogs or construction road closures even people breaking into cars and stuff like that. It puts my anxiety at ease when I can know what’s happening in the neighborhood and this is a great app for it. And it’s completely free.


Ibotta-I love saving money. Going grocery shopping is tough when you’re broke so I try to save money any way I can and Ibotta has a way to do that. It’s a free app that you go on and you clip kind of like coupons but more like a rebates coupon. So if it’s stuff you already going to buy you see one on there you clip it you scan the receipt when you are done and boom you get money back for it. And it can range from like $0.05 back to sometimes even a dollar or $2. And it all adds up so if you’re looking for a way to save money is a super easy way I recommend Ibotta.


download (2)Trello is a must have an app for my blog. But it’s so much more you can use it for work school personal stuff really anything. It’s the way to organize where I’m at in a timeline perspective with a post. Totally customizable so you can really use it for anything and I highly recommend you check it out it is a website and is also an app so I can access it from my phone at any time. If you’re looking for a way to get organized with stuff I highly recommend trying this out of the way.


evernote-appI have been using this app for years. It is also a website and app so I can access it anywhere and it’s basically like a giant notebook. I can make to-do list checklist I can write a post on there and asks it for my computer and I could add people to it’s so, for instance, I use it to plan my sister’s party so everyone that was helping could see the stuff on there. it’s an amazing app if you are looking for an app for your business or like I said your blog school work whatever check it out.

PIIT Pocket 

5ba190e8912a4I’ve been following this workout YouTuber for a while now Blogilates! She’s amazing and then I kind of find out she has an app that I can customize my own workouts and a meal plan and it’s amazing. Like I said you can customize your workouts to make your own routine or you can select out of the plans are to do. And they also have recipes healthy recipes that you can pick from to make your own meal plans for stuff for you to make or they have created ones for you already. It’s a free app you do have to like buy a subscription and you get like a free trial I highly recommend you look at that.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Let me know in the comments down below what’s your favorite app that you have on your phone? As always guys thank you for everything you do, I love you guys so much, and I’ll see you in the next post!

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