30 Spooky Questions Part 1 👻

This is Halloween, this is Halloween, HALLOWEEN HALLOWEEN HALLOWEEN!!

Spooky season is upon us. This year I decided to do a whole week of spooky blog post leading up to Halloween. So starting to laugh we’re going to do 30 spooky questions part 1. So let’s get started.

monster-mashFavorite horror or Halloween song?

The Monster Mash of course.

Name something you wouldn’t want to run into in the forest?

I guess anything really. I get scared easily but my ex would be the spookiest.

Have you ever played with an Ouija board?71FerBX11fL._SX425_

No, but I did buy one for my sister because it was a collectible Supernatural Edition. She ended up losing it’s so.

Favorite horror villain?

Freddy Krueger. He literally can haunt your dreams. That terrifies me.

shareasimage-20-425x368The creepiest thing that ever happens to you when you were home alone.

The power will go out randomly and I always get so creep out by that. Plus people walk by my window and that creeps me out.

If you were there to spend the night in a haunted house would you do it?

Hell no. I will dare myself to go to my bed. I don’t do haunted houses by myself.

Are you superstitious?

Yes and no. It’s weird lol.superstitious

Do you prefer Gore or thrillers!

I like both but I mostly go for thrillers.

Do you believe in multiple dimensions of the world’s?

No, but that’s something to really think of. It makes I might hurt just thinking about it.

Ever made a potion?


Of course, I’m a part witch. Lol

Do you get scared easily?

Yes. I get scared so easily. and I scream all the time. It’s so bad.


I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Part too well come out in a few days. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s spooky post. Let me know in the comments down below, are you excited for Halloween?

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