Let me explain

So in my most recent post, I end up talking about different things that are happening in my life and I subtly dropped the news on my relationship. but it wasn’t just a simple yes I’m dating I have a boyfriend. There was a lot more into it that I dropped. Since I was 16 I always knew I didn’t want a “normal” relationship. I knew I was apart of the ddlg community and stuff like that. So ddlg stands for Daddy Dom little girl. If you didn’t know there is a lot that goes into it and a lot of stuff surrounding it but today I’m going to give just a little info into my life.

The daddy Dom part of it means the dominant and in charge who looks after their little. They make rules and give out punishments. They take care of you. And gives you lots of love. A little girl’s job is to be the perfect little girl for their daddy. But sometimes it’s fun to break the rules. We also go into little space which ill talk about later. But it’s basically where you go to be a little. You’ll play with your stuffed animal color watch TV to whatever you want. It’s the way I cope with a lot of stress but I also it’s just fun to be in.

So what does this mean for my relationships well it’s really simple. I know I always had to take care of other people in my life and I never got taken care of. I had to grow up pretty fast and become an adult when I knew I wasn’t ready. And now I want to be taken care of. I love having the rules I have to follow. I love having someone to look after me. I handle stress in a different way than most people. I spend my nights snuggling my stuffed animals and watching Disney movies. I color when I’m stressed. I go into a different headspace. But I wouldn’t change it for the world. so what does that mean for my boyfriend? So to most people, I do refer to him as my boyfriend because I’m not going to talk about this to my family. But technically I have to call him daddy. but I’m never going to shove that down anyone’s throat most people don’t like that and that’s perfectly fine and therefore I will call him by my boyfriend.we’ve been together for five months and the first two months was a vetting process. And basically, that where we talked and we see if we are compatible and I feel comfortable enough to call him daddy and then I’m given rules and I go from there. I’m really happy and I want to do a big project with research on the whole of this for you guys. but I wanted to come out with it because it is a big part of my life and I want to have people to talk about me with but This won’t be 100% of the blog. I will do a few things here and there but not a lot, because I know not everyone, likes this!

I hope you guys enjoy the post let me know in the comments down below if you guys have any questions. thank you guys for everything and I know there hasn’t been a lot of posts lately I’ve just been dealing with a lot of stress.

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