Autumn Tag

I can’t believe fall asleep already. Fall is one of my favorite seasons because it leads up to one of my favorite holidays. My birthday! But also Thanksgiving and Halloween. So today I decided to do the Autumn tag. Let’s get started.

pete-johnson-quote-we-could-smell-the-stench-from-rotten-leaves-and-ti1. The smell of pumpkin guts or rotting leaves?

I love the scent of like a sweet pumpkin butttt pumpkin guts do not sound too good. I think I’ll go with the rotting leaves. Since all my Candles now with a rustic wood sense.

2. Sweet or salty pumpkin seeds?

I’m not much for eating pumpkin seeds but if I would eat them I think I would go salty. I figured I’d give him more like a chip like a pumpkin chip flavor. Maybe I don’t know.

3. Store-bought or pumpkin patch pumpkins?images (9)

I highly recommend buying a pumpkin from a store. It is cheaper and you can’t find a better pumpkin but I also recommend going to a pumpkin patch cuz there’s so much fun. We went to one last year and had tons of fun at the corn maze and taking photos and it was just a really fun time.

4. Wool or knit sweaters?

Every time I think about you I think of itchiness so I think I’m going to go with knitted sweaters.

download5. Halloween party or explore haunted places?

I’m always down for a Halloween party but I’m also always down to explore the haunted place. I remember when I was like ten or eleven when I would spend the night over at my cousin’s house we watch that Ghost Adventures show and that’s that guy who now seems like a total douche, not the point and I always wanted to do that is to explore places that are like haunted. But I also love a good Halloween party.

6. Apple pie or pumpkin pie?

To this day I still get made fun of because I don’t like apple pie. I don’t hate it I just want to have a choice I’m definitely going to choose a pumpkin.

7. Still, silent nights or rainy, windblown nights?7d62c823101d6f0396c7264e76f6ee10

Raining ice. I live in Florida and so I’m used to the rainy nights and I’ve gotten used to them and they calm me down. Plus I just love the rain in general.

8. Witches or ghosts?

I always wanted a Sanderson sister to be like my family. So I’m going to have to go which has but also growing up I was convinced that my imaginary friend was Casper the ghost so who knows. But I would love to be which if I’m being honest.

9. Raking leaves or climbing trees?

I prefer climbing trees because I hate raking leaves. I had this great idea when I was like 9 or 10 to go break my neighbor’s leaves and that was miserable. Wasn’t worth the $2 I got.

download (1)10. Ouija boards or ghost stories around a campfire?

I’m good with just ghost stories around the campfire. I don’t need no Ouija board at my house. Now I’m a Luigi board I can get behind that.

11. October or November?

this is a tough one for me because I love Thanksgiving so November but us my birthday is in October And so is Halloween so I think I’m going to have to go to October.

12. Black cats or owls?images (10)

Black cats all the way. I’m obsessed with cats and I always will be obsessed with cats.

13. Fireplace or candlelight?

Candlelight. I do not trust myself to have a fireplace also I live in Florida and it’s way too hot for fireplaces.

download (2)14. Monster movies or their classic novels?

I’m going to have to go with movies because I absolutely love watching all the classic Halloween movies. My favorite is the original Nightmare on Elm Street I watch it every year in October. I love just laying in bed with some pizza and wine and just watching all the movies. But I also love a really good book.

15. Carve or paint pumpkins?

I love carving a pumpkin but I suck at it so I usually go for a painting a pumpkin. but we also sometimes get like these plastic pumpkins in-wall use like Stickers that you can remove after so that we can reuse a pumpkin over and over again. If that makes sense.
I hope you guys enjoyed this or that Autumn with in. I realize it cannot make up a choice to save my life. let me know in the comments down below what is some of your favorite Autumn like things. That’s always guys I love you guys so much thank you for everything you do I’ll see you in the next post.

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